Seattle Seahawks vs. New England Patriots                                      Who you betting on?

I was supposed to go to a Superbowl party but we in a white out right now (Chicago blizzards).  So, since we couldn’t make it out, a friend and I got a friendly little bet going for $3 – Ha!  Yep!  a whopping $3.  lol   So, I got the Seahawks and she (of course) got the Patriots.  Right now, the Seahawks got me shaking in my knee socks. My $3 are on the line…lol  Pick it up Seattle!!!! Ha!

**I normally do not follow Katy Perry, but I will check out her halftime show and see what she can do.   I do know one thing though, she is puurrttty – Ha!

UPDATE – What the hell were they thinking about with that last play? Wth? You run that ball not throw it at the 1 yard mark. I lost $3 off a dumba** call. Ugh!


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