The Take Back – Jackie Robinson West Little League

This decision was so offensive.  The kids will always be champions to me, but to actually have adults come through & strip them of their deserved title is absurd.   Why didn’t you investigate this during their season?  Why did you wait until they win the US title to all of sudden feel like something was wrong?  The more Mr. Janes says” it was just to show that people need to do right” the more insulted I am that he feels the people of Chicago are stupid.  If you are such a stickler for the rules, then why wait til the end to investigate? Why not check EVERYONE’S roster before the season begins to make sure all kids are within their zones/regions/or whatever? They couldn’t wait to strip those kids of their title.  I was driving into work this morning when it was aired that it was being removed and all the others received prior. Absolutely disgusting!

This is the reason I hate following sports; the hypocrisy.  Evergreen Park league probably doing the same thing but just made that JRW beat the brakes off them when they played against them.  The NFL allowed the Patriots to go the Superbowl even though they knew of football tampering during the Patriots vs. Colts game.    This is so insane that I cannot even believe we live in a world with such malice.


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