2 lbs. LOST – YES!

I have finally done something unprecedented in my quest to lose weight.  I actually lost 2 lbs in the last week.  YES!  I think it might be because I have a Puerto Rico trip in the future that calls for me to keep my eye on the prize. – Ha.  It’s time for me to be 2 piece ready – FINALLY.  It felt so easy too.  I made sure that 80% of what I ate was healthy and the 20% was in moderation.  I was extremely active at work (up and down from my desk) preparing for a Toy Fair in NY this week.  That definitely contributed to the cause.

Garlic Rice Noodles with Spinach, water (lots of it), Soup, salads, whole grain pasta with Rotel, skinny Oreo smoothies, and Quaker Real Medley Oatmeal were my staples of the week.  I even went to Corner Bakery and got the panini combo (always the California Grille with the Caesar salad on the side).  Love that place!

I was so excited this morning when I weighed myself that I made myself Hot Chocolate (with Unsweetened Coconut Milk).  I didn’t even really taste a difference.

So, if you are trying to lose weight keep pushing forward.  It took me a minute to get used to the different tastes in my food when I adjusted seasonings, meats, and added items I normally do not eat like asparagus.  All you have to do is remind yourself of the reason you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or whatever.  Do not completely eliminate everything you love or you will go nuts.  I still eat pizza, tacos, hamburgers, & chipotle.  My pizzas are meatless (always have been).  My tacos are with ground turkey and my hamburgers are turkey burgers or black bean burgers.  When I go to Chipotle I get the veggie bowl.  It’s like 630 calories for the whole bowl, but its so big it takes me all day to eat it.  So delicious!  Meatless Monday is coming.  What are you having?  Chipotle sounds good for me…hehehehee


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