The Book of Negroes

For Black History Month, TVONE is showing a 2 part movie called, The Book of Negroes.  I had not heard of this made for TV movie until today on the radio.  It was mentioned for 2 reasons, the 1st part was extremely violent and that it was on at the same time as the Grammy Tribute to Stevie Wonder on CBS. Someone else thought they would chime in and say why do we always have 2 see the bad?  Why can’t we focus on the good that has been done?

Here’s my 2 cents:  tv stations always compete with each other.   If you cannot record 1 choose the one that means more to you to see.  I’m sure TVONE will rebroadcast it if you chose the Grammy tribute.  During slavery times, violence was a staple.  You haven’t heard stories or read books or watched movies like Roots, Amistad, or Django to see what happened then where have you been?  It is a part of history…American history.   Visualization provides you with actual accounts of those days.  You shouldn’t see it as too violent but a testimony to our ancestors daily lives.  
It’s good to know the good and bad.  You need to know your past to change your future. 


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