Cutty Buddy – well ok

Yesterday, I watched the most recent episode of Being Mary Jane (starring Gabrielle Union).  If any of you watch it you know she’s going through some David issues.  He is so handsome I’d always find myself climbing out that rabbit hole, Ha! Anyway,   she ended up meeting up with this guy with the nickname,  Cutty Buddy.  Now…who invented the term cutty buddy? What? 
These terms nowadays are crazy out of this world.  How does cutty refer to sex?   Ever since it has shown up, ppl have been talking about when it become ok for women to have a cut buddy and not a relationship?   That women see it as ok.  Here is my thinking/logic on that with 2 possible reasons.  One, there’s a particular guy that she wants but the situation isn’t the best at that time.  So, when her “needs” need to get met she calls her cutty buddy for some R&R (lol).  Two, her relationships lately have probably been problematic.   So, instead of trying to get into another one she just goes straight for the good stuff without the added crazy. 

Cutty buddies!! You can find those anywhere.


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