Artist of the Month – Common/John Legend

OK – this month instead of one artist I have chosen to provide 2.  These two men are exquisite in their craft and reach the depths of many souls.  I have been following both men for years and I could not be more proud of their excellence; their vision; their need for change.  One has been quoted as saying I am not perfect, but when you see him collaborate with another it creates perfection.  Common and John Legend have come together and created such a beautiful work of art that it gives me chills.  Glory has touched so many lives that it warms my heart.  Last night as they performed on the Oscars stage, I saw people in the crowd crying at the energy & power in which those words exude.   They provided eloquent artistry to a cause that is no longer just 50 years ago but of today’s time.  As I watched them perform, I could feel the pride within me elevate.  It was not just for the song, but also because two men of color were able to hit the Oscars stage with poise.   You should also listen to their acceptance speech.  (YES! They did win an Oscar for best original song.)   Their speeches provided some light on something that is not televised.  In John Legend’s speech, he mentioned that there are more black men incarcerated NOW than there were enslaved in 1850.  This is something we need to take real deep thought into and find ways to make changes.  We can no longer say “we do not want to get involved” or “that’s got nothing to do with me”.  We are all affected by this and we need to march and take a stand.  Injustice is injustice no matter who it is against.

I really appreciated how they stood up in front of millions of people with respect, dignity, and love and gave their all no matter what.  It goes to show that not every man of color wears his pants sagging low and speaks with an ignorant tongue.   Every man of color doesn’t have broken English and can only fulfill sub par duties.  Every man of color is not just out for self.  These two men are proof that there is so much brewing within the communities that it can no longer be ignored.  They may not know me, but I can say that I see them and I love what I see.   We need to be for each other and the time is now.

If you missed the performance last night, you can go to and view it.  If you would like to hear their acceptance speech, you can go to  It is memorable.

Check out Common’s newest album: Nobody’s Smiling (2014)

Check out John Legend’s newest album: Love in the Future (2013) – since it’s 2015, he might be working on something new.  We shall see.


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