African Art Historian (in the making)

For African American Heritage month, I wanted to do something that enriched me more within my culture.  So,  I started reading books on Art.  *anyone that knows me knows that I have an art background and originally attended Art school.**  I started brushing up on all the terminologies and artists that I once studied then I realized something.  I wanted it to be more centralized to one particular discipline or area of specialty.  So, I chose to learn everything I can learn about African Art and its history.

Last week, I ordered the African American Art book by Sharon F Patton from Amazon and it came earlier this week.  I have read several pages each day since; writing notes so it can begin to gel in my mind.   It connects me to my heritage, ancestors, and the past.

If you know of anything that I could use in my quest for educational wealth in African Art, tell me.



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