A FULL 2 weeks of “unforgettable” moments

These past couple weeks have been full of “unforgettable” moments with men (boys) that I will work hard to forget.  Normally, people thrive off of dramatics but right about now I do not care for the extra and unnecessary.  It feels like the idiocy is drawn to me like moths to flames.

Guy #1:  I’ve “known” him for like 3 years and within the last 2 weeks I have chosen not to know him no longer.  I was never romantically interested in him, but if I was he shot himself in the foot too many times for the chance.  The last straw was a few weeks back when we were supposed to meet up for drinks (hang out and watch the Bulls game).  We agreed on a time.  I called to ask him how far away are you and I get 20 minutes away.  At this time, he should be there.  I move forward and then place my name on the list for a table.  30 minutes go by and now he is 15 minutes away.  As you can see, I was at the restaurant for 45 minutes waiting.  By this time, I have a table.  I chose not to wait.  I ordered a margarita and got an appetizer as I watched the Bulls game.  It’s now 10p and he is still not there.  I get a call stating that his car kept stopping on him.  So, instead of notifying me of what is going on he continued to move forward and have me sit there as if that was ok.  From my understanding, if you are having car troubles and it is that severe you let the person know who is waiting on you so they can make a sound decision on what to do next.  You don’t provide a story to them and want them to believe you.  It’s insulting.

Guy #2:  My ex decided he wanted to contact me.  In case you have not read a prior post about my ex, he is a drunk and I haven’t spoken to him since 2009.  Last week, he tried to disguise himself as someone else to see if I would reply to his message.  He sent me a picture of someone holding a shoe and asked “would you wear this?”  After some time, he decides to say it was him and wanted to let me know that he might be having a daughter and was going to name her after the name I was going to be given.  WHY?  One, why are you contacting me and Two, what made you think of that name?  Through all of this, there is no reply but he proceeds to continue to text for more than an hour straight.  I could tell that he had been drinking because of the erratic manner in which the words were issued and time lapse in between each text.  His last text ended with ARMAGEDDON!  I have no clue what that means.  The next night he called me at 1214a (let it ring once) and then hung up.  Looks like phone number change is finally an option.

Guy #3: I met a guy while I was at the bank last month.   He was nice (so I thought) but I was in no way attracted to him.  My friend and I had just finished saying some time prior that we needed more male friends.  So, boom!  I thought I found one.  This weekend was the last straw for me with him.  One Monday I called him and he never called me back.  That following Thursday I texted him while at work to see how he was doing and I never got a reply until late that evening after 11p.  So, now I’m like what is this guy’s problem.  Everyone has their off days but to be so blatant with it is what started the mental alarms to blare.  He was already  thinking he was funny with the comments he would make, but I’ve moved past that because I know people who talk reckless all the time thinking they funny until you let them know the real deal.  Anyway…this past Saturday I asked him he wanted to hang out with me and one of my friends.  She and I were already planning to go eat and hang out that night so I thought to invite him.  We set a time to meet up and he says cool.  That time comes around and we ended up having to change venues because the 1st choice was booked to capacity.  We decided on a new spot and I called him to let him know.  He said ok cool.  I’m picking up my friend now and we should be there shortly.  Now, who told him to bring a friend?  Who told him we wanted this to look like a date?  My friend and I kept moving and got to the new spot.  By this time its about 30 minutes past the original meet up time.  We got to the new spot and placed our name on the waiting list.  An additional 30 minutes goes by and no word from the guy.  The hostess comes and tells us that we have a table but need the whole party in attendance.  We lose our table which forces us to sit and stay at the bar.  Another 15 minutes goes by and we just decide to order some food.  A full 2 hours go by and he now texts “Hey”.  At this time, we have eaten and just finishing signing our checks.  He walks in 5 minutes later as we are finishing up our drinks as if everything was ok.  I stayed calm and cool.  I told him directly to his face that he was disrespectful and rude.  There is no way that anyone should think its ok to not communicate on what is happening when it affects someone else’s time.  This man is over 40 years old so he is well aware of how to handle situations but because no one has called him out he just does whatever.  Not with me you don’t.  I walked out without another word to him and he sends a text “I apologize for my tardiness and I do not have an excuse. please accept my apology”.  There was no need for an apology because evidently that is what he does and I told him so.  Telling him that I do not need that type of person in my life was not a loss because he didn’t provide any value within that short period of time.

After these 2 weeks, I have decided to stay away from men for a little while longer.  Evidently, I’m a magnet for those that are below what I am looking for.  They are definitely teaching me to stay steadfast to my standards.



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