I love supporting businesses within “our” community because of course that keeps communities thriving.  Today was no exception.  There’s a new spot called Peach’s in the Bronzeville neighborhood that just opened this month.  I had been hearing so many great things about this place in such a short time that I kept it on my radar.  Then, I found out that I knew one of the managers.   So, that provided me with an incentive to check it out sooner rather than later.

A couple of friends and I went this morning for breakfast.  We step in and I was pleasantly pleased.  It provided an old school vibe of a diner with the regular tables out front and the big counter in the back.  I saw the manager that I knew behind the counter telling people what to do as what managers do (HA).  We provided each other with the big bear hug “hello” and then he had to get back to work.  He has a business he has to manage. *love that*   There was a 20-30 minute wait though.  I was annoyed but impressed.  Annoyed – I intentionally didn’t eat or drink anything so I could fully devour my meal.  Impressed – after only 3 weeks being open it was packed at 11a.  So, it balanced itself out.  Plus, the people there were so personable and fun that my thought of being hungry diminished.  There were smiles everywhere from the woman that took us to our table to our server who I lovingly call “dimples”. *smile*

Here is the good stuff:  

We ordered The Weight Watcher (white egg omelet with spinach, onions, & other deliciousness, lol) that comes with house potatoes or grits (I got the grits) AND toast or pancakes( I got wheat toast) AND an omelet with duck bacon on the side.  Yes – you heard right, DUCK BACON.  I had never knew that duck had bacon.  It was delicious.  It was meatier than turkey/beef bacon (I don’t eat pork so I cannot provide input – sorry). I can definitely provide them with a 2 thumbs up because I licked my platter clean like Jack Sprat – lol.  The omelet was so fresh and hot.  The only thing I didn’t touch was the wheat toast because I was so full.

I even ordered their salmon croquettes with cheese grits To Go.  I had to order that because the only person that makes salmon croquettes I eat is my grandmother.  We are talking about a great deal of excellence  in the kitchen.  My sister is an expert on them, so I immediately took them right over there for inspection.  She has provided the this is good “head nod”.   “It is not like how big mommy makes them but these are good and the creole sauce adds to it nicely”.  She even enjoyed the cheese grits so much she didn’t want to let it go.  The cheese was blended into the grits nicely.  It was not overpowering.

This is a place that I would keep in my rotation on girlfriend breakfast/brunch gatherings.  I’m not sure how frequent because it is a distance for me.  Peach’s is on the south side.  I live on the west side closer to the suburbs so it’s quite a trek but it will definitely stay in the rotation.  I see more of that duck bacon in my future – Ha!

So, if you are looking for a new place to eat breakfast (lunch is coming soon), go to Peach’s off 47th and King Dr.  (4652 S. King Dr.) in the Bronzeville neighborhood.  It is across from Jokes and Notes and the Harold Washington Cultural Center on the corner.





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