2 Lost

Within 2 weeks, we have lost 2 gems that have been a part of the entertainment world for decades.  2 weeks ago, we lost B.B. King and yesterday we lost Reynaldo Rey.

If you do not know who Riley B. King (better known as B.B. King) was, then I truly feel sorry for you.  Have you at least heard of him?  Go ask your grandparents.  He was a great musician who touched so many through the strings of “Lucille”, his guitar.  He was my grandfather’s favorite musician and I learned many of his songs through my grandfather.  Songs like “The Thrill has Gone”, “Paying the Cost to be the Boss”, and “How Blue Can you Be”.  If you sit there, close your eyes, and just listen to him play you can literally feel every note he played.  It’s great.  He left this world at 89 due to possible complications of his diabetes developed from small strokes.  This is the reason that I walk every year for Diabetes.  It is a serious illness that people do not believe is a real issue plaguing us.

*Check out his B.B. King Blues Club in Memphis, TN.*

If you do not know who Reynaldo Rey is then can you at least say you have seen him before but didn’t know his name?  If you watched 227, then you knew him.  If you saw Friday, then you knew him.  If you watch ComicView when Gary Owen was the host (way back in the day), then you know who he is.  If you saw Def Comedy Jam, then you knew him.  He was a comedian who came up in the ranks following Redd Foxx (from Sanford & Son and Harlem Nights) as his mentor.  He always added that extra comedic relief whenever he was in the room.  He was an unsung comedian that still touched many.  He left his world at 75 due to issues following a stroke.

*Check out his movies and go to YouTube for videos of him in action*

Live life to the fullest.  Touch many.  Love Hard.  Be Healthy.  Give Back.




One thought on “2 Lost

  1. For blues guitar, it doesn’t get better than BB King. I believe that he was Johnny Winter’s mentor, not to mention thousands of aspiring guitarists the world over. RIP, BB King.


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