Student Driving

Parents – DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT teach your kid how to night drive when they are NOT comfortable with day driving.  If the light has turned red and they still have not turned then it’s time to take it back to the day driving and leave it there (for a while).  You hold everyone else up because of your nervousness and that is not sharing the road as we do EVERY DAY.

When my father was a state trooper he taught my sister and I how to drive.  He took us to empty parking lots to get used to the car.  We made “donuts”, parallel parked, and moved backwards and forwards.  We had to know how to handle the car before actually hitting the street.  When we got a handle on it, he then took us to the street.  He said until you are comfortable on the road, you drive in the slow lane.  People behind you will be more experienced and will more than likely honk at you BUT they do have the ability to go around.  When you get into a turning lane, you have to turn.  The next person cannot go until you go.  Do not hesitate and cause a long line to form because you are not only driving for them but for yourself.  He would always ask “is it clear to go?” and if it was he said “now, turn”.  You might be slow turning but you need to clear the street. That is where TEACHING comes in.  Just because you have a license does not mean you should be a teacher.  DMV are just giving these licenses away and you can tell.  It’s all just for revenue.




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