1800flowers – Update!

Hey guys –

So, here’s the update on my mom’s Mother’s Day flowers.  They were delivered today BUT…  1/2 of the stems were shorter than the others inside of a huge box (picture below).  Now, per the 1800flowers website, it is supposed to look full and lush (pictured below), but she got this instead (1st picture).  I will NEVER EVER order anymore flowers from 1800flowers.  If I hadn’t heard it on the Steve Harvey Morning Show I wouldn’t have even bothered.  This is horrendous and I cannot fathom anyone believing that this bouquet was fit to send to someone.  We waited 3 additional days for crappy flowers?? Really??

If anyone I know says they will order flowers from 1800flowers, I will IMMEDIATELY tell them to go to JEWEL and get some flowers.  If that person is out of state, find a local florist to fulfill the order.  I am appalled.  I got 4 bunches of tulips from Jewel that look better than that.



Sorbet Roses


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