Shoe Lover & Addict


OK – see what had happened was, lol.

When you have a JustFab “account”, you have to SKIP the month (by the 5th) if shoes aren’t within your budget or there aren’t any shoes that you want.  I used to get notifications (reminders) to skip, but I haven’t gotten one in quite some time.  **$39.95 is taken from your bank account BUT held on your account to be used later.  So, it’s like you actually paid for the shoes; You just have to pick them.**  I started to notice extra money was missing from my account.  I researched and saw that it was JustFab.  By then, it’s too late.   I tell myself that I’ll remember next month and I never do. 


6 months later (yeah 6 months, ha), I noticed it right after it deducted from my bank account.   Right then and there, I logged into the JustFab site and went crazy.  I had 6 credits on my account but I only used 5 of them. 
It all worked out anyway because I ❀❀❀ shoes.  This gave me a chance to change things up!!! πŸ’œπŸ˜ƒ  Tomorrow, I’ll be steppingout in style – he he!

Always & forever, a Shoe Lover & Addict!




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