Summer Faves & Must Haves

Windy City Chic(k) Blog - Summer Faves and Must Haves

Summer is coming into FULL swing & I have some Summer Faves and Must Haves that maybe you can find some enjoyment.

First – HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE… Drink plenty of water in between those shots of tequila or whatever your choice of libation (hehehe – i like wine).  Summer you get dehydrated quicker so keeping water close by is essential.  Personally, I love sparkling water.  I drink more water when it has the “bubbles” (lol) in it.  I love La Croix and Perrier specifically because neither has any sodium.  Why in the world would you put SALT in water?  I do not understand.  Any who…  As you can see in the picture, I have the Peach-Pear flavored La Croix water (set in a mason jar with a striped straw).  Yes! I got it set up.  I normally have fruit in it to garnish but I’m fresh out.  I gotta hit the grocery store and stock up.

Second, MY SKIN…I love this brand of Bathing Milk called The Scottish Fine Soaps.  My mom found it in Marshalls (I LOVE Marshalls) and I’ve been hooked ever since.  When I take baths, Scottish Fine Soaps has to be in attendance.  If not, my bath is not complete.  I feel smooth and just all around awesome afterwards.  Next, I like Johnson’s Baby Oil w/ Shea & Cocoa Butter.  I’m pretty low maintenance when it comes to products so I do not have the typical arsenal of products that most people believe women have.  I learned years ago that I like the smells of many products, but I end up wasting my money on them because I rarely use them.  I like the simplicity of the Johnson’s baby oil because it gives that light scent and it compliments the scent of my hair.  Plus, it helps to keep me even tone and it combines with keeping my skin soft with the bathing milk.

Also, there is an exfoliating salt scrub from MARSHALLS that I love called Coconut Cream Skin Care from The Somerset Toiletry Company.  It cost about $6 and it has lasted for some months.  You do not need a lot of it and it works beautifully.  It is definitely great for those winter months, but if you neglected your skin during that time, this product will bring it back to life.

Third, MY HAIR…I love Cantu and Mixed Chicks.  I fluctuate between the two when it comes to shampoo and conditioner.  I ran out of Cantu so now it’s Mixed Chicks turn.  Now, I wash/condition my hair with Mixed Chicks Shampoo & Leave-in Conditioner.  It defines my curls, but after so long my edges look a touch dry (My hair is greedy – lol).  So, I add Cantu Coconut Curling Cream to add shine and slight hold for the rest of the day.  Mixed Chicks is EXPENSIVE ($14-$20 each).  Cantu is NOT so expensive ($5-$7) depending on the product that you choose.  I love Cantu also because of the coconut scent.  I love the way the coconut scent of my hair compliments shea/cocoa butter oil scent.  I smell clean, fresh, and like an individual island (lol) everyday.  It’s really great.

Lastly, MY LIPS..  This is a necessity for me.  BLISTEX!!!  I told you I was low maintenance (hehehe).  I get cold sores and since I REFUSE to walk around with the possibility of looking like I was hit in the mouth, I keep the BIG tube in my purse and a small tube in my desk at work.  The big tube is about $3 and the smaller tube is about $2.30.  It’s dry outside I need it.  It’s cold outside I need.    This product is a must have for me.  When I feel that tightness in my lips, it is time to reach in my bag for my trusty lip sidekick (Ha!).  Some people cannot take it because it is medicated (like my sister) but it works wonders for me.  Some people love Carmex.  I’ve tried it and it does absolutely nothing for me.  Burt’s Bees, Chapstick, & others I have tried and they have failed me.  So, when I discovered Blistex  I was in lip heaven.

In between applications, when I need something on my lips to keep them hydrated and “kissable”, I use EOS.  It is not pictured above because the dork typing this information left it in her work desk (like it’s helpful there – lol).

Ooh, the Sunglasses?  You know what to do with those, right? lol *smile*


I hope some of these products were helpful to you for this Summer.  We are beautiful inside and out so why not show it off with some simple tips to get you started.  Follow my blog, like this post, and I’ll TTYL!!!







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