Race for Justice, Part 1

As a woman of color, it is always especially hurtful when one that “looks” like me dies at the hand of a person that is sworn to “serve & protect”.   It is already offensive enough when we do it to ourselves.  So many of “us” thought that “this” was over.  Others knew that “it” never left.  Racism is taught and nurtured.  It does not just happen overnight.  The seed was planted many years beforehand.  There are variations of racism and it is shown daily and all you have to do is “OPEN YOUR EYES and SEE”  When an African American man/woman walks into a clothing store, he/she is watched carefully to make sure they do not steal.  I have been treated this way so I know firsthand.  When an Anglo American man/woman walks into a clothing store, the demeanor of the store personnel is that of warmer reception than that of the African American.  No – this does NOT happen everywhere but it happens more than it should.  When an African American person works for a company for about 5 years and is passed over for a promotion even though the job he/she went for is currently what they help do in order to keep the “ship afloat”.  The person that gets the promotion is Anglo American that has barely been there 6 months with very little experience.  Now, that person is your boss whom you also helped train.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes black people do not get the change from the register directly in their hand?  It is either left on the counter OR they hold the change barely  in between their fingers to just quickly release it into your palm?  My skin does not rub off.  I may not want you touching me anyway because I do not know how hygienic you are anyway.  Many people do not wash their hands.  Of course, there could be a legit argument on this but why isn’t that same approach done to those that are not of color?  There is a difference.  It does not happen everywhere, but it happens more than it should.  If we are going to be honest about it…many people of fairer skin go tanning.  So, there is something in having darker skin.

What is it about “us” that you do not like?  I cannot say it is because our noses are too big because our noses comes in different shapes and sizes.  I cannot say it is because we have big butts because not all of us has a big rear-end.    I cannot say because we are too dark because we are in a wide range of shades.  What is it?  If all we want to be is left alone then where is the harm?  If “we” are minding our own business, why did you deem it necessary to go above and beyond and do the unthinkable?  If “we” are calling attention to ourselves with committing criminal acts, then throw the book at them (if it fits the crime – getting besides yourselves there too, that’s another topic).

Why is it every time an officer kills a black man it is in self defense?  You are the man with the gun and yet you felt your life was in danger?  There is video evidence of the act and yet nothing is ever done to punish those that commit murder.  If you are that nervous every day, then you need to rethink your career goals.  If a black man killed someone then they would be giving him 2000 years in prison with no possibility of parole.  Boom! Next case.  Plain and simple.

America wanted to separate Church and State when they should have made sure that they put GOD first.  That is where you start.  Your heathen ways have guided your path and now more lives are lost because you refuse to see what the Lord has designed. Thou Shall Not Commit Murder!  One of the TOP 10 Commandments caught on video and they’ll act like it was self-defense.  Being a police officer is NOT for everyone.  Being in the military is NOT for everyone.  When you take the humanistic nature out of a person they run wild like a beast in the wilderness.  Justice is not real justice until it is being handled fairly.   Those officers and others alike need to realize that even if you do not get handled in this life, you do need to realize that you will die one day.  You are the only one that can save your soul from damnation. When will this cycle end?

**My heart goes out to the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and those killed in Dallas.  I cannot even begin to understand where you are coming from, BUT I hear your cries and I wish I could make them stop… *frown*


Dazed/Confused, Hurt/Sad – WindyCityChic(k)



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