TCF Bank

Today, I’m celebrating my niece birthday.   As I checked my funds for the festivities,  I see there were overdraft fees.  Wth?  $187 of charges.  I called customer service to “discuss” my discovery. They say regardless of the earlier charges when this one particular charge hit, all the others hit and put my account negative.  Now, even though she sees that my account was fine when I did those initial charges,  I’m still liable for all of those overdraft fees. (That one charge was an auto charge from Experian, to keep an eye on my credit).
After 15+ yrs, I’m leaving TCF Bank.  In all of these years, I’ve never had 5 overdraft fees all at once.  They were my go-to bank for a very long time. I always used them as my primary account. Now, i see they are robbers.  I must go!!!

I’ll keep you posted

Windycitychic(k) 💜


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