Finally – Part 1

Hey guys,

OMG! It has finally happened.

I am moving out of my parents house after 10 YEARS.  YES – 10 YEARS!!! I moved out when I was younger, but after a lay off and a long stint of being out of work I had to move back home.  I was fine with that, I guess *sigh*.  With so many family things happening all at once i didnt notice it had been years until it was year 8.

At that time, I was out of work (again) due to layoffs pulling unemployment. It was then I decided that I wasn’t going to be financially strapped.  So, a portion of each check i received was going into a savings account and a “move out” account.  I wanted to set myself up that no matter what happens I will have enough money saved to move and still “live”.  

A couple weeks ago, I found a place that I really liked.  It is just enough for me, affordable, & 10 minutes from the gig.  I move next month.  Yay!!! πŸ˜„πŸ’œ  I’ve already scheduled payments throughout next year, so I’m pretty set. This time I move I’m out for good.  I never truly felt like a grown woman living with my parents.  I’m too old for that.  Yes – I am paying my own bills,  but I’m not truly moving about on my own 2 feet.  After working on my credit and saving for the last 2 years, I know I can do this again.  It’s freaking me out some because its been so long, but I’m super excited.  The day I get the key is the day I pop this expensive a** bottle of wine open (lol). ($25/bottle is expensive to me.  I’ll never do that again)

Oh, if you guys know any legitimate way to make extra income please let me know.  Its always good to have multiple sources of income.πŸ˜†




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