Finally – Part II

*I should have posted this almost a month ago, but WordPress was giving me issues.  It was not saving and it was not letting me publish.  So, my posts have been in halt mode.  Sorry! 😦   🙂

Hi Guys,

I should’ve posted this message days ago, but it has been so crazy with work, school, and the upcoming move.  I haven’t had a moment to really catch my breath.  OK!  So, EVERYONE (that’s important) knows I’m moving.  As I stated in Part I I’m super-excited about this move.  When I told my grandmother I was moving and where I was moving, she says things like “why so far?” (only 30-40 minutes away mind you), “you should stay at home with your parents”, “you shouldn’t be moving alone”, “the Bible says (paraphrasing now) a woman isn’t meant to to be alone”.  Why?  Why?  Why?

Look here…

The men of this world aren’t like they were 20 years go or even 10 years ago.  The guys I come across want something for nothing.  They want you to give 100% when they give 30%.  It’s asinine.  I refuse to have someone just to say I have someone.  I’d rather be alone than settle for a warm body.  Plain & Simple.  When the Lord sees fit for me to meet the MAN I’m supposed to be with then I’ll pay attention.  Until then,  I’m grown and I need to be living as such.  I cannot sit here and wait for some MAN to decide who he wants to be and if he wants me on his arm.  Time ticks away.  It does not stand still.  So, I do not have the luxury to sit here in pause for some dude to come along and sweep me off of my feet.  If it happens, then I will be elated.  If not, then I’ll be the “new” Old Maid with no kids, a great group of friends, and boat loads of stamps in my passport.  I’d also be a kicka** aunt.  Gotta keep living!!!





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