Rapidly Approaching

Hey Guys!

It has been a while since I have posted and I should be ashamed – He He! 🙂

I move this weekend and I am extremely excited, but exhausted.  Working full-time, carrying a Master’s program course load, and dealing with all the responsibilities of moving, I am literally drained of mental and physical energy.  I love getting paychecks (who doesn’t?).  I love learning new things.  I love the fact that I am moving into my OWN place after so long (Woo Hoo).  I am grateful and thankful, but I am still tired nonetheless.  I am blessed beyond words, but I am tired.  I am packing boxes in between writing papers and responding to discussion threads.  I wish I had help but unfortunately I do not.  It is not from the lack of people, but from the lack of time devoted to do it.  I cannot ask people to stop their lives to help me pack my stuff up.  *Plus, I need to make sure it is not thrown into the boxes.  Not everyone knows how to pack a box (IJS).*

It did not look like much, but when I started to pack all of this up I did not realize I accumulated so much over the years.  I put stuff in every nook and cranny to cover space.  Now, I’ve collecting A LOT of clothes, shoes, and things for GoodWill.  This packing has also provided me with a way to truly purge my belongings.  Every year, I go through my things and give them away, but this time it was different.  I literally gave clothes away that I loved but KNEW I could not fit.  It was time to let go and deal with what I can now.  This is my fresh start.  2016 has been huge for me.  I left a permanent, dead end job to take on a risky position.  That introduced me to my current role.  Now, I am moving out fulfilling a dream that I’ve had since I moved back home.  I never felt like an adult.  I never had company and when I did they had to stay outside.  It was not that I couldn’t have company, but it felt weird.  This weekend, I will have the chance to have people come through whenever they want without worry of interrupting someone’s sleep or day.  I will not have many people over because I am in school, BUT the option is there.   I look forward to really feeling free.  I’ve already bought furniture.  It’s getting real (lol).




WindyCityChic(k) 🙂


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