Caymans Trip – Part 1

Hey Guys!

Monday, we returned from a family trip to the Cayman Islands.  This has been a dream of mine for about 10 years.  It might be longer than that.  I do not know how I zeroed in on Grand Caymans, but I did.  I told myself that once I graduated college that would be my graduation gift to myself.  So, when I graduated I wanted to make it a family celebration trip but everyone could not afford to go so I had to settle with Cabo (as in Cabo San Lucas, MX – for those that do not know what Cabo means, lol) in 2012.  Do not get me wrong.  I ENJOYED myself there and I plan on going back.  Everything was great, BUT it was not the Caymans.  So, this trip was really exciting for me because I could finally cross this off of my list of places that I want to travel to.

*We will not talk about the American Airlines flights that we took”.  If I had to grade the flights as a whole, C.*

Anyway, we were prepared for it to be a rained in trip because Hurricane Matthew was just in the Caribbean a couple weeks prior and the weather indicated rain every day that we were there.  So, for the first 2 days there was rain throughout the days.  All we saw was the house and the Caribbean Sea behind the house.  It was a beautiful view.  Then, the Lord blessed us with our first sunny day and we were able to go walk into the Sea.  We also had a pier as part of the house so we would walk in the water and then climb up the latter into the house at the end of the pier.  Great spot for sunsets.  My brother liked it for his chance to smoke – lol.  Saturday, we decided to go to dinner for my sister’s last day on the island since she had to be back because it was the end of the month (she works in Accounting).  We leave at about 530p and get back around 9p to a house that has been broken into.  Yes – broken into.  I immediately knew something was wrong when my luggage was on the bed and I left it on the counter in the bathroom.

Dream trip turned nightmare…


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