Caymans Trip – Part II

Ok – we call the police and it takes them over an hour to get to our vacation house.  We are already annoyed that this happened on a long awaited vacation, but to wait an extended amount of time for 2 people  to come in writing on printer paper.  

The thieves stole my watch, my sister’s tablet, my nephew’s laptop that he uses for school, and both my parents cell phones.  They didnt touch anything else in the house.  They went directly for the bedrooms.  What still has us scratching our heads is that no glass of the house was broken.  How did they get in?  Wth?

So, one of the officers ask were there any people they saw around the house we hadn’t seen since we got there and we were like “Yeah “.  This guy was standing on our pier acting like he was fishing.  He threw the line 1 time and then left.  If you fishing, dont you throw the line more than once?  Where is your bait? The officer then asked “is his hair rasta?”(dreads) I said Yes and started to describe him.  The two officers looked at each other like they knew who I was talking about and said they might know who he is.  Did we hear anything before we left?  No.  Have we heard something since  we’ve been back? No.

Detectives  come and have fingerprints taken.  Detective was supposed to come back.  Did he? No.

Then, when we finally leave and get to the airport, the toiletries I came into the country with I cannot leave with.  I was more than ticked off now.  Robbed and now my toiletries???  OK.  

Will I go back to the Cayman Islands? More than likely NOT !!!!!

First impressions mean a lot to me and this has left a huge one.


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