The View

Normally, I don’t catch The View because I’m at work.  Today, I caught a snippet as I went into the office kitchen.  They had these 3 little girls on the show labeled as the Junior Olympians.  They ended up on the cover of Sports Illustrated kids division magazine.  It was shown on the screen in Time Square.  Big placards of the cover dropped from the ceiling as the kids were talking. To add to this, Fabletics which is spearheaded by Kate Hudson (love her) donated $40k to all the supplies they need (for the whole team) from clothes to bus rentals, to numerous other stuff.  Plus, gave their mom $10k.  

What makes this an extraordinary situation is that these kids are living in a homeless shelter.  To think of the mental and physical strength it takes to do this in the midst of their current life is mind blowing.  

If you ever say I can’t do this or that think of this or a story like this.  You can push forward because they are.  

If I worked out enough, I’d buy some Fabletics and look cute.  There are some cute pieces in the line.  You won’t be able to close my closet door if I put anymore in there lol.



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