What’s Important??

Today, I got some news that I KNEW was coming but was dreading the actual confirmation.  Last December, my uncle was diagnosed with stage 4 bone cancer.  He had been complaining of his leg for some time but thought it was just arthritis.  Then, one day he wasn’t able to walk down the stairs.  The next day is when he was admitted into the hospital and informed of his cancer.  He’s not even 60. *Yes, he was a chronic smoker for decades*

Now, fast forward to last weekend.  He is in the hospital again because it has spread from his brain (which was found a couple months back) to his spinal column.  Wow! It’s aggressive and we didn’t expect it to be with the treatment.  We thought it would at least slow it down but uh no.  We walked into that hospital room and I instantly knew what the end results would be without confirming. The killer part is that he was still flip at the lip lol.  It as crazy.  He told my mom “get your sister in check I’m busy” lol. He was singing and everything.

So, my mom just text me like 45 minutes ago to say he is going into hospice and has 3-6 months.  Now, we know that’s some guess work.  

I brought all of this up for a reason besides the fact that I am at at loss for words on how I feel.  To watch someone deteriorate before your eyes is something that can’t be unseen. It’s like reliving my Big Daddy all very again.  We watched him deteriorate from this great man to someone stuck in a bed.  He died on the day my niece was born.  His sister died a few hours later after reportedly saying “wait for me”.  These pieces of greatness are leaving our family.  

We are so bogged down with the ignorance that is surrounding the choices made by the President elect.  We are more worried about buying the latest clothes & gadgets, and going out.  Yet, loved ones are being neglected.  Our values are so screwed up to the point we are blind to things around us.  This year has been a true blessing to me because some of the major things that I wanted out of my life I have: my new apartment (YAY) & a new car, a good job, and a couple bucks in the bank.  The jury is still out on my love life.

The point is your decisions dictate many things whether you know or not.  Your decisions create the path that you are about to walk.  It can’t be all about fun.  There has to be some common sense, understanding, passion, love, respect, and the desire to be there for others in some of those choices.  What we do impacts more than just us.  It’s a ripple effect.   I want you all to reflect on what is important to your life NOT the garbage.  It’s imperative that you make informed decisions.  

I love you all and I want you to live a long, long time.

TTYL !!! ☺💜


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