Statistics! HATE IT!


Had several panic attacks this weekend because of this course I am taking.  Statistics sucks!😒  This is a waste of my time – literally! Managers that I have worked with and currently work for say they took the course and NEVER use any of the information presented.  This is the US ploy to snatch more money out of you.😠  If I am not working for NASA or the FDC or anywhere else that needs ridiculously complex equations,  then why are you bothering me with this?

I could have a heart attack dealing with this because the professor’s assistance is nonexistent and someone in the tutoring center told me that I have to have work started before they can help me along.  Huh? I don’t understand where to start so how can I start the work on a problem without knowing where to go?  It’s a setup to fail I tell ya.  Ugh!😠

Pray for me guys! 😳I really need your prayers.  I’m trying here and I’m not getting it.  I can only take this once. Repeats are not Acceptable.


WindyCityChic(k) πŸ’œ


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