Quote of the Week

This past Sunday morning, I watched the rebroadcast of the NAACP Image Awards. I try to catch it every year.  *I would love to attend one time to say I was in the presence of greatness here on Earth, but that’s asking for too much (lol).* Anyway, during the show I heard a couple of great quotes from a pinnacle of greatness, Denzel Washington during his acceptance speech.  He has always carried himself (in the limelight) with dignity, and respect, and that night was no different (from an outsider observing). His quote rings true and I hope you love it as much as I do. 

“Without commitment, you’ll never start… Without consistency, you’ll never finish”

It made me think of my Art career.  I’ve always wanted to be a respected artist.  I would start projects but not finish because something else ended up taking precedence at the time.  Now, I’m in Grad school & my art has taken its place on the back burner, yet again. Everything always leads back to Art for me.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take it on and “finish”.😊

Have a good day luvs!!! Keep pushing…




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