Mirror Mirror

I just saw a snippet of a segment on a show called Mirror Mirror talking about mixing and matching denim. OK! I should be working diligently at my work computer, but I was getting a cup of coffee so it’s OK πŸ˜….  I do not know if it was a new episode or old one, but for me it was pointless.  I had been mixing and matching denim since the early 90s.  

The same thing can be said about certain hairstyles with twists or braids.  These things arent new.  My mom had been doing my hair that way since the 80s. Come on people! Is it a new concept or are you bringing someone else’s ideas and thoughts together and making it seem like its a new creation? I understand getting inspired but taking credit for the “invention” is beyond my comprehension.

Don’t get me wrong.  I actually like the show because I love looking at fashion, and makeup, and getting exercise tips. I do not wear much makeup because it’s not really my thing but its interesting nonetheless. 

Be true to your look and give credit where credit is due!

Ttyl! Bye!

Windycitychic(k) 😍


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