Good Ol’ Customer Service

You can see clear as day that the box states “Classic Accessory Band”.  If a replacement peg and band is supposed to be sent, where is the peg?

I went out the other weekend and SOMEHOW my fitbit was not on my arm.  So, the next morning, I reported it as lost.  The fitbit rep tried to tell me that my warranty does not cover replacements BUT they can offer me a promo to get a discount on a new fitbit.  Umm…NO!  I barely had it a month and it is already falling off of my arm.  I wasn’t doing anything ridiculous so how did it fall off of my arm? So once I expressed my deep disgust with the “promo offer” she placed me on hold.  After a couple of minutes, she comes back and says OK – we are able to send you a NEW fitbit free of charge this one time.  OK cool!  She takes all the information like color and band size.  It took over a week to receive.  When I get the package, I get the above image.

It’s like, Com’ on man!  So, I called them AGAIN today.  I spoke with a another Rep by the name of Lisa who was able to make sure that the tracker I was supposed to have received today is received no later than this coming Tuesday.  I even got an email of the order she placed and I will receive an email on when it ships.  Thanks Lisa!

Point of Story: Make sure the person you are talking to COMPLETELY understands what you are asking.  Now, I have to wait 3 more days to have something I should have today.






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