Job Requirements

Hey guys, 

I came across this article this morning on why this CEO chose this 1 candidate without a college over the 1 that has a college degree. He made a point towards the end of the article that I have been advocating to for years.  Companies need to stop hiring people off their educational credentials and choose the right person for the role.  Good team members are being passed over for various reasons that have nothing to do with the actual role.  I’m not advocating this because I’ve been passed over many times, but because it is right.  

It is time that companies hired through quality and not credentials.  I’ve worked with people (still do) that have Senior in their title but yet their performance is of an entry level employee.  Checking references and speaking to actual employers are key in the hiring process.  Hire candidate on a temporary basis to see how they work.  After 3 months, the decision should not be hard to make especially if you are observing how they approach each situation encountered and how they work with others.  

Piece of cake, right? Lol… I don’t know but something has to be done about the hiring process.  Below, is the link to the article from LinkedIn.

Ttyl 💋


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