News One Now

They cancelled Roland Martin’s News One Now tv show.  Seriously??? The reason? Don’t give me because of the ratings B.S either.  In the words of my favorite former VP, Joe Biden, that is a bunch of malarkey.  I learned A LOT from News One because “mainstream” news does NOT broadcast nor elaborate on the details on things that are important to us.   

I wake up a little bit earlier (not a morning person & that really hurts me lol) to watch him.  Just this morning I learned what the new tax bill entails and how it impacts me directly.  Plus, I’m a graduate student.  Grad students will end up losing their ability to get loans.  At that point, how are you going to pay for school if you do not have the financial backing?  As black people, we do not have that “old money” to help pay things off so we can move about the world smoothly.  We have to accumulate debt in order to get one morsel of the next step.  That’s the information that we need to know and prepare for.  

This is a sin and a shame. Mr. Roland is awesome so I know he would be fantabulous no matter where he goes.  I just wish it was still on my tv screen in the morning. *tears*

Below is a quick link to a tweet from Hill Harper on the cancellation.

Check out @hillharper’s Tweet:
Ttyl! 💋


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