New Team Member

Hey guys,

Over the weekend, we (Honor Society) had 1 of the 3 of our society orientations.  I was informed that someone from that orientation wants to join the Publicity team.  I was so excited when I received that email from the Asst. National Dean letting me know of that member’s interest.  One of the roles of being the Chapter Publicity Chair is leading a team of society members on the Publicity team.  So, this person will be my first member and I cannot wait.  I know it may seem like “yeah OK”, but it really gives me a chance to showcase how I would be as a leader.  This is something that I need to not only prove to prospective employers, but to myself as well.

Now, I can brainstorm with my new team member on the best ways to get more students involved in the society and how we can visually document that in social media.  When you are working this out on your own, you think more tunnel vision as opposed to broad.  This way, we can build each other up as we continue to build the society and the member experience.  I cannot wait until tomorrow, so I can contact this soon-to-be inducted member so I can appoint her a Publicity team member.   We are going to start moving mountains.

I’ll to post more often than I have been, but working 2 jobs practically and going to school has left me more than a little drained.  *hugs&kisses*

TTYL!! Bye!


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