Marielle Franco, Radical Black Female Politician, Executed In Brazil – News One

The things people do to reject change.  What could she have done, said, exposed, or found out that could have caused her to be executed?  What are you afraid of people knowing? Is she interferring in whatever scheme you have been used to operating for decades? This is another story that shows that America is NOT the only country to showcase ignorant, bigotry, murder, and blatant disrespect.  To add an additional gut punch to the forehead…she was a POLITICIAN. I am in awe.

My prayers go out the Brazilian community that was in support of efforts to bring about change and eliminate sexual abuse.  My prayers go to her family and friends as they mourn the loss of a loved one.

Our inability to view life as valuable has reached an all time low and it continues to lower as the days go by.  I’m saddened by this news and other news alike.  We need to do better.

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Finding Your Roots

I love this show with Henry Louis Gates, Jr (a Harvard Professor).  

Every time I read different books on Black history, african art, or listen to stories of my family, it makes me wish I could have someone of his experience and exposure to do some REAL research.  It would be great to know who I come from.  I know more of my mom’s side of the family than I do my dad’s.  I would like to know that the stories I have heard are in fact true.  Do I have Choctaw in my ancestry? Did my grandfather really have a 1st Caucasian cousin?  I have so many questions.

I wonder how much it would be to get this done, Finding Your Roots style. It would definitely be interesting to say the least.


2017 Slavery – Libya

     Racism still exists and that is something that cannot be denied.  The only way you believe that it no longer exists today is because you have never experienced it nor know of a person that has felt that form of oppression.  In today’s society it is a lot more subtle than it was 50+ years ago.  With β€œ45” in office, those that were once silent in their racist thoughts are now more vocal and physical.  If you are not watching the news, reading newspapers, or looking at social media, then you are intentionally keeping yourself β€œignorant” to the issues that plague fellow Americans.  Yes – FELLOW AMERICANS!  The racism isn’t just in America, but in Africa, where it all began.  

       Libya is dealing with a slave trade.  Yes – a SLAVE TRADE!  Many men are being shuffled like cattle and sold at a whopping $400.  Those migrants and/or refugees that are trying to find a better way of life flee to Libya in order to find a safe passage to Europe.  Europe was their best option at finding a better life.  Unfortunately, along with the trade, there is pillage.  This occurs while being detained for expulsion back to their native countries.  So, you never make it to that better life and either end up back to your native country, robbed, raped, and/or murdered.  You can’t win.  

        I implore everyone to PLEASE share this information because racism/slavery and the blatant disrespect for a life have to end.  You do not have to be black to have a heart and empathize for those that are being abused.  If you need something that hits closer to home, then think of a woman being sold in sex trafficking or a child being stolen and sold to someone overseas.  It is ALL a blatant disrespect for another and if we continue to keep our mouths closed then we are accountable as well.  The day I meet the Lord Almighty, I want to make sure that I step up to him knowing I did my best.  Allowing such injustices or not voicing your distaste is like acknowledging you are OK with it.

Please speak out!  I Am!

Below is a video from CNN on the crisis.

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Job Requirements

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I came across this article this morning on why this CEO chose this 1 candidate without a college over the 1 that has a college degree. He made a point towards the end of the article that I have been advocating to for years.  Companies need to stop hiring people off their educational credentials and choose the right person for the role.  Good team members are being passed over for various reasons that have nothing to do with the actual role.  I’m not advocating this because I’ve been passed over many times, but because it is right.  

It is time that companies hired through quality and not credentials.  I’ve worked with people (still do) that have Senior in their title but yet their performance is of an entry level employee.  Checking references and speaking to actual employers are key in the hiring process.  Hire candidate on a temporary basis to see how they work.  After 3 months, the decision should not be hard to make especially if you are observing how they approach each situation encountered and how they work with others.  

Piece of cake, right? Lol… I don’t know but something has to be done about the hiring process.  Below, is the link to the article from LinkedIn.

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Women Empowerment video

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This video (link below) is in reference to women’s empowerment by a young lady by the name of Dana Chanel.  It may be about empowering women, but men can also relate to this video as well.  People in certain positions can do more, but they choose not to.  Unfortunately,  that leaves many still searching.  It could be a melting pots of goodness if everyone had an entrepreneurial spirit and not a hustler one.  So, check it out! 


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