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I came across this article this morning on why this CEO chose this 1 candidate without a college over the 1 that has a college degree. He made a point towards the end of the article that I have been advocating to for years.  Companies need to stop hiring people off their educational credentials and choose the right person for the role.  Good team members are being passed over for various reasons that have nothing to do with the actual role.  I’m not advocating this because I’ve been passed over many times, but because it is right.  

It is time that companies hired through quality and not credentials.  I’ve worked with people (still do) that have Senior in their title but yet their performance is of an entry level employee.  Checking references and speaking to actual employers are key in the hiring process.  Hire candidate on a temporary basis to see how they work.  After 3 months, the decision should not be hard to make especially if you are observing how they approach each situation encountered and how they work with others.  

Piece of cake, right? Lol… I don’t know but something has to be done about the hiring process.  Below, is the link to the article from LinkedIn.

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NSLS stands for National Society of Leadership and Success.

In order to be invited into this society, you have to have excellent academics or great leadership skills.  I was invited to join this society back in January for my academics (3.60 GPA).  YAY!!!  I became a member when I accepted the invitation.  In order to be inducted into the society, I had to do a certain number of steps (orientation, leadership training, etc). Induction opens up every benefit that the society offers from mentors, jobs, events, and on. Last Saturday, I completed my last step for induction and I’m so happy.  I’m hoping this will open doors for me and get me into the role that I desire most.

Quick tidbits for those that don’t know:

School: Keller Graduate School of Management (DeVry) – MBA program 

Major: Business Administration (which is also what I got in Undergrad)

Focus: Marketing 

So, if you’re in school and the school has a chapter of the society, become a member.  It’ll help you see who are you are as a person and leader and connect you with others with like minds.

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International Women’s Day

If I had known that for “our” day, we were going to “screw” the men in the workplace then I wouldve acted accordingly. 😅😅😅😅😅

I didn’t find out until last night that this was the plan.  I guess because I’m in school, my focus has been elsewhere after work to not be able to be all over social media.  However, I was able to catch the news last night and wore red today in solidarity with the cause.  Of course, the decision to not come to work today is to show the contributions women make in the workforce contrary to the opinions of some Politicians.  It is for equal rights and pay in the office. I’m all for it.  

If I’m doing the work that a senior manager is supposed to be doing then my pay should be closer to that title.  It’s not always about helping out the company.  It is making your employees feel like they are being appreciated for their efforts and not treated like irrelevant robots.  Also, not rewarding people who are clearly not performing. Fair is fair.  The “boys club” crap can kiss all my a**!!!!



TCF Bank

Today, I’m celebrating my niece birthday.   As I checked my funds for the festivities,  I see there were overdraft fees.  Wth?  $187 of charges.  I called customer service to “discuss” my discovery. They say regardless of the earlier charges when this one particular charge hit, all the others hit and put my account negative.  Now, even though she sees that my account was fine when I did those initial charges,  I’m still liable for all of those overdraft fees. (That one charge was an auto charge from Experian, to keep an eye on my credit).
After 15+ yrs, I’m leaving TCF Bank.  In all of these years, I’ve never had 5 overdraft fees all at once.  They were my go-to bank for a very long time. I always used them as my primary account. Now, i see they are robbers.  I must go!!!

I’ll keep you posted

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1800flowers – Update!

Hey guys –

So, here’s the update on my mom’s Mother’s Day flowers.  They were delivered today BUT…  1/2 of the stems were shorter than the others inside of a huge box (picture below).  Now, per the 1800flowers website, it is supposed to look full and lush (pictured below), but she got this instead (1st picture).  I will NEVER EVER order anymore flowers from 1800flowers.  If I hadn’t heard it on the Steve Harvey Morning Show I wouldn’t have even bothered.  This is horrendous and I cannot fathom anyone believing that this bouquet was fit to send to someone.  We waited 3 additional days for crappy flowers?? Really??

If anyone I know says they will order flowers from 1800flowers, I will IMMEDIATELY tell them to go to JEWEL and get some flowers.  If that person is out of state, find a local florist to fulfill the order.  I am appalled.  I got 4 bunches of tulips from Jewel that look better than that.



Sorbet Roses