Flava in ya Ear


The 90s hit song Flava in ya Ear rapper Craig Mack died last night at the age of 46.  The news doesn’t indicate how he died, but he is (was) too young.  

He rapped along side “Big” (Notorious), Busta (Rhymes), & LL Cool J while signed to the Bad boy record label.  He was a rapper that didn’t get enough notoriety and respect for his talents.  RIP Mack! 🤗


The Snowman 

Why didn’t anyone tell me that this movie was not great? It is extremely SLOW and minimalistic in the action.  How is this movie about a serial killer and there is no action scene in the 1st 45 minutes?  I am not pleased. I went to Target purposely looking for new movies to watch.  It was a new movie but I’m disappointed. Lost $20!!!  

Chicago Med

Good Job NBC! Chicago Med never should have been put on Thursday nights (in my opinion). It was competing against so many dynamic shows that I’m sure it was losing ratings because of the move.  Scandal was such a heavy hitter and to go up against it was almost like show suicide. Now, it’s back on Tuesdays starting November 21st.  YAY!!! 

Now, if we can just get Chicago Fire back on Tuesdays at 9p and not on Thursdays competing against How to Get Away with murder we will be in business (lol). I used to look forward to Tuesdays and now it’s just a regular boring day for shows (for me).  I’m getting excited for the change back.




I saw Marshall this weekend and I absolutely LOVED it.  Chadwick Bozeman and Josh Had were great!!! If you haven’t seen the movie, go check it out. Link to one of the trailers is above.

Quick note (in case you need it):

It is about the 1st African American Supreme Court justice,  Thurgood Marshall (played by Boseman) when he was a lawyer for the NAACP.  The movie covers the case of a black chaueffer (played Sterling K. Brown) being accused of rape and attempted murder of a white socialite (Kate Hudson) whom he worked for.

Long Grove Chocolate Festival

The Long Grove Chocolate fest was AWESOME on this gorgeous day.  I cannot believe that this was the 1st time I’ve attended.  We had some of the following: 
Chocolate covered cheesecake
Chocolate covered bananas
Chocolate covered strawberries kabobs
Chocolate cream puffs

Of course,  we had to eat something beforehand so we had cheese fries,  pulled turkey loaded nachos, chicken strips, and Stella’s.  Too bad it is only 1 weekend a year.