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They cancelled Roland Martin’s News One Now tv show.  Seriously??? The reason? Don’t give me because of the ratings B.S either.  In the words of my favorite former VP, Joe Biden, that is a bunch of malarkey.  I learned A LOT from News One because “mainstream” news does NOT broadcast nor elaborate on the details on things that are important to us.   

I wake up a little bit earlier (not a morning person & that really hurts me lol) to watch him.  Just this morning I learned what the new tax bill entails and how it impacts me directly.  Plus, I’m a graduate student.  Grad students will end up losing their ability to get loans.  At that point, how are you going to pay for school if you do not have the financial backing?  As black people, we do not have that “old money” to help pay things off so we can move about the world smoothly.  We have to accumulate debt in order to get one morsel of the next step.  That’s the information that we need to know and prepare for.  

This is a sin and a shame. Mr. Roland is awesome so I know he would be fantabulous no matter where he goes.  I just wish it was still on my tv screen in the morning. *tears*

Below is a quick link to a tweet from Hill Harper on the cancellation.

Check out @hillharper’s Tweet:
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2017 Slavery – Libya

     Racism still exists and that is something that cannot be denied.  The only way you believe that it no longer exists today is because you have never experienced it nor know of a person that has felt that form of oppression.  In today’s society it is a lot more subtle than it was 50+ years ago.  With “45” in office, those that were once silent in their racist thoughts are now more vocal and physical.  If you are not watching the news, reading newspapers, or looking at social media, then you are intentionally keeping yourself “ignorant” to the issues that plague fellow Americans.  Yes – FELLOW AMERICANS!  The racism isn’t just in America, but in Africa, where it all began.  

       Libya is dealing with a slave trade.  Yes – a SLAVE TRADE!  Many men are being shuffled like cattle and sold at a whopping $400.  Those migrants and/or refugees that are trying to find a better way of life flee to Libya in order to find a safe passage to Europe.  Europe was their best option at finding a better life.  Unfortunately, along with the trade, there is pillage.  This occurs while being detained for expulsion back to their native countries.  So, you never make it to that better life and either end up back to your native country, robbed, raped, and/or murdered.  You can’t win.  

        I implore everyone to PLEASE share this information because racism/slavery and the blatant disrespect for a life have to end.  You do not have to be black to have a heart and empathize for those that are being abused.  If you need something that hits closer to home, then think of a woman being sold in sex trafficking or a child being stolen and sold to someone overseas.  It is ALL a blatant disrespect for another and if we continue to keep our mouths closed then we are accountable as well.  The day I meet the Lord Almighty, I want to make sure that I step up to him knowing I did my best.  Allowing such injustices or not voicing your distaste is like acknowledging you are OK with it.

Please speak out!  I Am!

Below is a video from CNN on the crisis.

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What are you going to do?

I cannot being to understand the plight of those that have to deal with the possibility of deportation. It is no longer acceptable to sit idlly by expecting this administration to continue with what once was. They have already shown that what is right is not an option. What are you going to do? Is citizenship possible? Living in how you have become accustomed is no longer viable.   What are you going to do? Picketing isn’t working.  Tweets aren’t working.  Boycotts aren’t working. What are you going to do? What are your next steps?   

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Solar Eclipse 2017

Hey guys,

It’s been such a long time since I’ve last posted. Life! 😄

Did you see the solar eclipse today? I Did! It was pretty cool.  I just wish it has gotten pitch black like they said it would for the full effect.  Either way, it was definitely an experience.  Here is a pic below… I was so busy looking at it that my co-worker took this lol.

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Betty Shelby verdict 

What else is new? I am NOT surprised by this.  People of color, especially men of color have never truly been seen as a human being.  They have always been portrayed as dangerous.  To take that man’s life with no remorse shows how evil some people in uniform are.  Stop using the excuse that you felt your life was in danger. Please. Videos prove otherwise.  I’m so sick and tired of this.  God has a plan for every last one of you that think taking a life is OK.  Insulting my intelligence with this bigoted ignorance and blatant disrespect of the law and the Lord’s law will have its time at judgment day.

If people really wanted to know the truth they would READ!!! What group of people has done the most damage to different cultures and races? What group took land from Natives that were already here? Who glorifies and supports gentrification?  How many times has a person of color shot up a school? People of color aren’t perfect by no means.  None of us are perfect.  To sit there and justify the actions of ALL these people that murdered, abused their power, and lied to keep from being reprimanded makes you accountable as well.  

Once things start to happen in your life and you cannot understand why so many things are going wrong; you ask “why you”? “What did I do to deserve this?”… think of when you could have stood up for what’s right and you let it continue OR you knew you took that person’s life and you weren’t made unaccountable.  This is what you deserve and more maybe on the way.

This is why the law will NEVER be trusted by people of color.  NEVER!!!