New Team Member

Hey guys,

Over the weekend, we (Honor Society) had 1 of the 3 of our society orientations.  I was informed that someone from that orientation wants to join the Publicity team.  I was so excited when I received that email from the Asst. National Dean letting me know of that member’s interest.  One of the roles of being the Chapter Publicity Chair is leading a team of society members on the Publicity team.  So, this person will be my first member and I cannot wait.  I know it may seem like “yeah OK”, but it really gives me a chance to showcase how I would be as a leader.  This is something that I need to not only prove to prospective employers, but to myself as well.

Now, I can brainstorm with my new team member on the best ways to get more students involved in the society and how we can visually document that in social media.  When you are working this out on your own, you think more tunnel vision as opposed to broad.  This way, we can build each other up as we continue to build the society and the member experience.  I cannot wait until tomorrow, so I can contact this soon-to-be inducted member so I can appoint her a Publicity team member.   We are going to start moving mountains.

I’ll to post more often than I have been, but working 2 jobs practically and going to school has left me more than a little drained.  *hugs&kisses*

TTYL!! Bye!


Radio station 104.3

              Public Service Announcement

                         STOP! STOP! STOP!

STOP repeating the same ol doggone songs.  There was WAY too much music back then to keep recycling the same playlist.  I was excited about this station until what I heard in the morning is what I heard in the afternoon.  It’s ridiculous.  Where is LL Cool J, Digital Underground, Tribe called Quest, Q-Tip, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Hi-Five, Al B. Sure, Troop, Tevin Campbell, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Destinys Child, Zhane’, Groove Theory, New Edition, R. Kelly, Ludacris, Jadakiss, Nelly, TI, Chris Brown, Busta, Nas, Dru Hill, 112, Aaliyah, and on and on and on.  I can keep going.

The music today for the most part sucks. There is some of it that I like but collectively it is not like it once was.  Music used to make you dance, reminisce, and connect to your life.  So, if this station plans on continuing, here is some advice.  Play more diverse music and stop reusing the same songs from earlier in the day or the day before. Too many people I have come across on social media state they are done listening due to no variety. Get people excited.  If you need help, ask me…ask somebody.  Geesh!!


The Words

I went to my mom’s house yesterday and we ended up watching the movie, “The Words” starring Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.  *Awesome movie by the way – 2nd time I’ve seen it* It made me think when I once wanted to write my own book.  I mean, I have always wondered what it would be like to have portions of my life in print.  People create blogs, vlogs, articles, columns, and etc. just to get their point of view across.  How many books do you come across where it feels like it is a person’s life story without an overwhelming sense of sexuality attached to it?  I understand that sex sells, but not every aspect of a person’s life rotates around sex.  That might be the reason why I stopped writing the one I started over 15 years ago.

My mom told me during the movie that one of my friend’s are in the midst of writing his own book.  I knew but I forgot.  It just made me think more of doing my own.  It does not necessarily have to be published. I’m thinking that it should be completed so I can say I did something more than go to work and school.  I actually have a book tucked away in the closet.  I would tell all the juicy details.  Honestly, I got some stories to tell (lol).

I’ll figure it out….




Quote of the Week

This past Sunday morning, I watched the rebroadcast of the NAACP Image Awards. I try to catch it every year.  *I would love to attend one time to say I was in the presence of greatness here on Earth, but that’s asking for too much (lol).* Anyway, during the show I heard a couple of great quotes from a pinnacle of greatness, Denzel Washington during his acceptance speech.  He has always carried himself (in the limelight) with dignity, and respect, and that night was no different (from an outsider observing). His quote rings true and I hope you love it as much as I do. 

“Without commitment, you’ll never start… Without consistency, you’ll never finish”

It made me think of my Art career.  I’ve always wanted to be a respected artist.  I would start projects but not finish because something else ended up taking precedence at the time.  Now, I’m in Grad school & my art has taken its place on the back burner, yet again. Everything always leads back to Art for me.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to take it on and “finish”.😊

Have a good day luvs!!! Keep pushing…