Radio station 104.3

              Public Service Announcement

                         STOP! STOP! STOP!

STOP repeating the same ol doggone songs.  There was WAY too much music back then to keep recycling the same playlist.  I was excited about this station until what I heard in the morning is what I heard in the afternoon.  It’s ridiculous.  Where is LL Cool J, Digital Underground, Tribe called Quest, Q-Tip, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Hi-Five, Al B. Sure, Troop, Tevin Campbell, Eminem, 2Pac, Biggie, Destinys Child, Zhane’, Groove Theory, New Edition, R. Kelly, Ludacris, Jadakiss, Nelly, TI, Chris Brown, Busta, Nas, Dru Hill, 112, Aaliyah, and on and on and on.  I can keep going.

The music today for the most part sucks. There is some of it that I like but collectively it is not like it once was.  Music used to make you dance, reminisce, and connect to your life.  So, if this station plans on continuing, here is some advice.  Play more diverse music and stop reusing the same songs from earlier in the day or the day before. Too many people I have come across on social media state they are done listening due to no variety. Get people excited.  If you need help, ask me…ask somebody.  Geesh!!



African artΒ 

You know? For the last few weeks, I have taken at least 15 minutes a night to read a book I have called African Art by Frank Willett.  One dream I had when I was younger was to become an Art (African) Historian. (It fits because I have an art background)  I finished the book last night and started Flash of the Spirit.  It’s another book on African art.  There is so much information especially about the Yoruba that I never knew.  The more I read the more the Yoruba is put onto display.  I cannot wait to read more.  

My thing is now – proper pronunciation.  I was saying Ife incorrectly.  I just learned last night how to say it (lol).  *More studying as if I don’t have enough to do and read lol*.

If you guys happen to come across any books ON African art,  please let me know.   I might not have that book – Ha!

Ttyl! Bye! πŸ’‹

Women Empowerment video

Hey guys! 

This video (link below) is in reference to women’s empowerment by a young lady by the name of Dana Chanel.  It may be about empowering women, but men can also relate to this video as well.  People in certain positions can do more, but they choose not to.  Unfortunately,  that leaves many still searching.  It could be a melting pots of goodness if everyone had an entrepreneurial spirit and not a hustler one.  So, check it out! 


Windycitychic(k) πŸ’‹

Chicago Med

Good Job NBC! Chicago Med never should have been put on Thursday nights (in my opinion). It was competing against so many dynamic shows that I’m sure it was losing ratings because of the move.  Scandal was such a heavy hitter and to go up against it was almost like show suicide. Now, it’s back on Tuesdays starting November 21st.  YAY!!! 

Now, if we can just get Chicago Fire back on Tuesdays at 9p and not on Thursdays competing against How to Get Away with murder we will be in business (lol). I used to look forward to Tuesdays and now it’s just a regular boring day for shows (for me).  I’m getting excited for the change back.

TTYL! πŸ’‹


I saw Marshall this weekend and I absolutely LOVED it.  Chadwick Bozeman and Josh Had were great!!! If you haven’t seen the movie, go check it out. Link to one of the trailers is above.

Quick note (in case you need it):

It is about the 1st African American Supreme Court justice,  Thurgood Marshall (played by Boseman) when he was a lawyer for the NAACP.  The movie covers the case of a black chaueffer (played Sterling K. Brown) being accused of rape and attempted murder of a white socialite (Kate Hudson) whom he worked for.