Betty Shelby verdict 

What else is new? I am NOT surprised by this.  People of color, especially men of color have never truly been seen as a human being.  They have always been portrayed as dangerous.  To take that man’s life with no remorse shows how evil some people in uniform are.  Stop using the excuse that you felt your life was in danger. Please. Videos prove otherwise.  I’m so sick and tired of this.  God has a plan for every last one of you that think taking a life is OK.  Insulting my intelligence with this bigoted ignorance and blatant disrespect of the law and the Lord’s law will have its time at judgment day.

If people really wanted to know the truth they would READ!!! What group of people has done the most damage to different cultures and races? What group took land from Natives that were already here? Who glorifies and supports gentrification?  How many times has a person of color shot up a school? People of color aren’t perfect by no means.  None of us are perfect.  To sit there and justify the actions of ALL these people that murdered, abused their power, and lied to keep from being reprimanded makes you accountable as well.  

Once things start to happen in your life and you cannot understand why so many things are going wrong; you ask “why you”? “What did I do to deserve this?”… think of when you could have stood up for what’s right and you let it continue OR you knew you took that person’s life and you weren’t made unaccountable.  This is what you deserve and more maybe on the way.

This is why the law will NEVER be trusted by people of color.  NEVER!!!


Negative news

Ok! *deep breaths*

I am sick and tired of the negative news with the atrocity that was the Presidential election.  Ok! Ok! I know some people are extremely upset and some are displaying hateful actions in their excitement for the win.  Look!!! I voted for Hillary BUT I wanted to “feel the Bern” – lol.  It is what it is.  Now… If it was Bush, I could stomach it BECAUSE his views weren’t radical and didn’t incite violence.  I fear for the lives of so many people that it hurts.  I am a Black Woman and I fear for the lives of White, Black, Asian, Latin, Native American, and the LGBT community.

We, as the people of America, did not have control over what happened.  God did!!! He is the ruler of ALL things.  He chose President Obama to be in office for 8 years so we can have some resemblance of peace.  With Trump going into the Oval turmoil will follow. This is not to say that this is what he wanted BUT he is promoting it which makes him part of the problem. It has already been a problem since his win last week.  This was never truly a safe country, but you slept a little bit better knowing that people (for the most part) were staying in their lane.  Now, you have no clue who might come out the shadows just to hurt you.

It’s like what did we do to you to make you hate us so much? I can answer that for you, but I literally want you to think about it.  Do you not understand that black America alone controls over a trillion dollars annually in the economy? what do you think Latin America puts into the economy? Asian Americans ? Native Americans? White Americans make double what black people make. What would you do if all these people you hate actually left the country and went elsewhere? You would probably look like McDowell County in West Virginia but all across the country. This means, you need us whether you want to admit it or not.  You don’t have to though.

We just want to be left lone.  Is that too hard to ask for? I’ll answer that for you – NO!!! This treatment didn’t happen when The Obamas took the White House. If it had, the whole world would’ve lit up with it plastered all over the media.  In saying what some have called us, it doesn’t look like we are the animals/criminals … IJS!!!

Live in peace people.  You don’t have to like eachother but at the very least respect each other.  Remember, you get what you give!!!