Long Grove Chocolate Festival

The Long Grove Chocolate fest was AWESOME on this gorgeous day.  I cannot believe that this was the 1st time I’ve attended.  We had some of the following: 
Chocolate covered cheesecake
Chocolate covered bananas
Chocolate covered strawberries kabobs
Chocolate cream puffs

Of course,  we had to eat something beforehand so we had cheese fries,  pulled turkey loaded nachos, chicken strips, and Stella’s.  Too bad it is only 1 weekend a year.





1800flowers – Update!

Hey guys –

So, here’s the update on my mom’s Mother’s Day flowers.  They were delivered today BUT…  1/2 of the stems were shorter than the others inside of a huge box (picture below).  Now, per the 1800flowers website, it is supposed to look full and lush (pictured below), but she got this instead (1st picture).  I will NEVER EVER order anymore flowers from 1800flowers.  If I hadn’t heard it on the Steve Harvey Morning Show I wouldn’t have even bothered.  This is horrendous and I cannot fathom anyone believing that this bouquet was fit to send to someone.  We waited 3 additional days for crappy flowers?? Really??

If anyone I know says they will order flowers from 1800flowers, I will IMMEDIATELY tell them to go to JEWEL and get some flowers.  If that person is out of state, find a local florist to fulfill the order.  I am appalled.  I got 4 bunches of tulips from Jewel that look better than that.



Sorbet Roses


Hey Guys!

I have to tell you guys what happened this weekend.  Now, everyone knows that this past weekend was Mothers’ Day.  So, I decided to go against my normal routine (going to Jewel) to get my mom some flowers for Mother’s Day.  When I was listening to the Steve Harvey morning show last Monday, the CEO of 1800flowers came on to talk about the deal they had on their Sorbet Roses for Mom.  Instead of 12 roses, you get 18 roses for $29.99 (I wish they just say $30) if you use the special code Strawberry when you order.  The special was only for that Monday and I forgot to order.  I wanted her to have those particular flowers anyway because you do not see much of that in stores.  So, Thursday I ordered the flowers to be delivered on Saturday, 5/7.

I received a confirmation email that the package shipped.  Question?  Why am I getting flowers delivered to my mother through FedEx from OHIO??? WTH??? What happened to having the order fulfilled through local florists?  But, Whateva!  I kept going thinking that they would arrive some time soon because I checked the length of time it would take to get from OH to Chicago and it was approximately 6 hours.  If the confirmation said they shipped on 5/7/16 at 845a, why am I still waiting on those flowers to be delivered and it is late evening Monday, 5/9/16?  1800Flowers didn’t have a problem taking my money but they cannot locate my mother’s flowers.  I called customer service and they gave me the same information that I already had.  So, now I am out of almost $70 (includes vase and shipping charges) with nothing to show for it.

It really made me disgusted with their company because I was shopping with my mom all day getting flowers and gifts for other people.  Plus, with the trouble I had been having with my car, my mom has been there for me helping getting me back and forth.  To not have flowers for her made me irate.  I do not have the slightest clue what could have gone through my mom’s mind.  I even picked up flowers for my sister-in-law and she’s never on my radar.  Sunday morning I had to wake up earlier than I planned (I planned a small Mother’s Day brunch) to get her some flowers.  I drove to my trusty location, JEWEL, and got my mother 4 bunches of tulips (her fave flowers) to compensate for what was not there.  So, now I am out of $100 for flowers and nothing to show for $70 of it.

To add insult to injury, this is not the first time this has happened.  My mom said it happened to her twice using their services.  The people she was sending the flowers to never got the flowers and she was never reimbursed.  I’m so disgusted with companies like this that I have to broadcast the outrage.  It’s unfair and unscrupulous to do customers this way.  If I have proof that the flowers were not received, why not reimburse people their money?  I don’t have money like that.

Honestly, I would think again about using 1800Flowers.  Just go to the local grocery store and choose the best bouquet.  If you got a garden, pick a few nice ones and call it a day.  You pay all that money to have nothing to show for it.  I wish I didn’t hear about those damn flowers.


Talk to you guys later & watch your pocketbooks!



Art Classes at the Art Institute

Hey Guys!

I’ve been thinking about taking an additional art class to kinda keep my skills tight.  My only dilemma at this point is figuring out which class to take.  I’ve decided to go to SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago).  Yeah – I know I was just raving about going to the Art Institute BUT what better place to get an artistic education, right?  I need to keep the creative juices flowing as I go through this life.  What is a better way to do it?

Since I have a regular 9 to 5 (Monday-Friday), I’m looking to have this class on the weekend.  The price is really going to bite me in the butt, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end (no pun intended – lol).  The non-credit ADULT courses are $585/course (1 week, 5 weeks, and 10 weeks, even online).  I figured that with that kind of money I am NOT doing the 1 week course.  So, 5 week-10 week course it is.  The next course starts the first weekend of February.  So, I’m looking at Drawing: Artist and the Sketchbook, Figure Drawing STUDIO, and Adobe InDesign.  Which should I choose?

*If this is too expensive (I completely understand). Do more research and find something that is within your budget.  Sometimes you need to be in a class in order to reach your full potential.  I’ve always wanted to have pieces displayed in an exhibition.  It has always been one of my many dreams.  Maybe taking this class (or 2) I can get to a point where I feel like they are gallery worthy.

Stay Tuned! *smile*




Art Institute of Chicago

OK Guys!  It has been quite some time since I have blogged about “art” on here.  I like to keep everything “swirling” around the art world.  So, to keep within the theme I would like I briefly talk about the Art Institute of Chicago.  I absolutely love going here but my schedule does not really allow it much.  Plus, every time I am able to go it is $20.  It’s expensive just to walk into the door especially when it is NOT in your budget.

Any who, I am an art enthusiast.  I love being in the presence of art.  It calms me and puts me a place of peace.  I may not know EVERYTHING about Art but I love to learn about it.  The Art Institute has many collections from African Art to Textiles.  I am partial to African Art and that might be because I am trying to be some form of African Art Historian.  I want to learn all aspect of African Art, from its origin to how it has impacted Art then and now to what were some contributors.

One of my favorite collections is the Prints and Drawings.  Since my artistic expression is normally depicted in this format I like going here for a chance to “feel” and possibly create.  It helps rejuvenate or spark my personal creativity.  One of my favorite pieces is the piece called “Harvest Talk” by Charles White.  White was a Chicago native that captured a scene that you could image had actually happened.   See the image of the drawing below (done in Charcoal)…

Harvest Talk

It spoke volumes to me.  I could imagine they were taking a quick break to discuss family life, how much more they needed to go before the day was done, how it feels to still feel oppressed, how they cannot wait to get home and eat, etc…  I began to see this picture as not just a picture but a storytelling.

If you cannot make it to the Art Institute, then  go to their website: Art Institute of Chicago

On their website, you can see collections & their current and upcoming exhibitions.  I hope you like it as much as I do.  *smile*


See ya!