21 Day Challenge 

Hey guys!

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been doing this challenge called, “Lose your gutt, keep that butt”.  This is the last week and I mean I’m pooped lol.  You hear Me? I feel the difference in my body though but I KNOW I need MORE than 21 days of working out. So far, its been good.  My thighs don’t rub as much.  My “back end” is more rounded.  My clothes are fitting better and I’m slightly a bit more flexible. I just waiting for my stomach to start performing its disappearing act. 

It’s a work in progress I know but I gotta be 2 piece ready before my birthday in August. 

Time for bed.


WindyCitychic(k) 💋


Bear Naked


OMG!!! This is GREAT!  I’ve had Bear Naked before but this Maple-licious Pecan flavor is fab-u-lous💜💜.
As you can see in the background picture, I had a nice brunch with my mom and sister.  The mimosas we had are not featured – ha! 😄  I made (w/ my sister’s assist) SW salad (spinach, mozzarella pearls, SW pico de gallo, and avocado) & Pineapple yogurt boat (half pineapple, greek yogurt, fat free cool whip, strawberries, and granola).  That Granola….😋😊 I’m eating it by the handful and I need to stop.   I want to take it to work as a snack.  I’m not sure if it’ll make it to Tuesday 😁.

Definitely go out and buy it (to try it).  I love healthy eating & this’ll be in heavy rotation.

Eat healthy guys…bye!!! 👋


4th “holiday” weekend

How was your 4th weekend? I hope it was pleasant…filled with happiness, good food, fun, and “fireworks” *smile*.
This weekend, I said NO to not eating meat and ate some chicken wings and steak.  I wasnt too excited about the steak, but they were delish. I’m back to the vegetarian – esque lifestyle of more veggies than meat now. 
So, today i ate an awesome burger.


Spicy Black bean & Garden burger with the trimmings.  For a lil kick, I added chili garlic sauce.   It was so good that I  didn’t miss the “real” burger.  It’s a great substitute.   Try it!
So, my July 4th weekend is going out on a bangin note. 

Have fun and stay healthy!

Walking the Vegetarian -esque path

Last week, my mom & I decided that we were going to eat vegetarian for a while.  I’ve already been dabbling in it but not for long stretches.   We are attempting a week(started yesterday) to see how it goes. Today was meatless Monday, so we had meatless tacos and they were great.  See image below…


Corn shells
Black beans/corn (w/ taco mix seasoning)
Baked fajitas (green/yellow bell peppers and onions) w/ garlic powder and chili powder
Pico de Gallo
Kraft Hot Habanero shredded cheese (optional)
Daisy light sour cream (optional)

It was so good that we are optimistic that we can go longer than this week. 
We tend to forget the importance of our health.  So, this is our way of detoxifying and removing excessive additives from our diet.  You never know.  It might become long term.  A little more weight loss can’t hurt. 

Maybe my workout routine will help now.  I’ve hit a plateau.


ADA Logo

Diabetes kills more Americans every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

Every 17 seconds, someone is diagnosed with diabetes.

1 in 12 Americans has it.

1 in 4 who have it do not know it.

1 in 3 are at risk of developing it.

I am participating in the 2014 STEP OUT: Walk to STOP Diabetes event on September 21st in Grant Park.

Please DONATE to the cause by going to stepout.diabetes.org and click donate.  The team name is Lenbirg’s Ladies & Gents (named after my beloved grandfather who passed away 2 years ago).  Online donations have a minimum accepted amount o f$5.00.

Please pass this information along to all your friends, family, associates, & co-workers.

Every little bit helps and would be greatly appreciated.