Betty Shelby verdict 

What else is new? I am NOT surprised by this.  People of color, especially men of color have never truly been seen as a human being.  They have always been portrayed as dangerous.  To take that man’s life with no remorse shows how evil some people in uniform are.  Stop using the excuse that you felt your life was in danger. Please. Videos prove otherwise.  I’m so sick and tired of this.  God has a plan for every last one of you that think taking a life is OK.  Insulting my intelligence with this bigoted ignorance and blatant disrespect of the law and the Lord’s law will have its time at judgment day.

If people really wanted to know the truth they would READ!!! What group of people has done the most damage to different cultures and races? What group took land from Natives that were already here? Who glorifies and supports gentrification?  How many times has a person of color shot up a school? People of color aren’t perfect by no means.  None of us are perfect.  To sit there and justify the actions of ALL these people that murdered, abused their power, and lied to keep from being reprimanded makes you accountable as well.  

Once things start to happen in your life and you cannot understand why so many things are going wrong; you ask “why you”? “What did I do to deserve this?”… think of when you could have stood up for what’s right and you let it continue OR you knew you took that person’s life and you weren’t made unaccountable.  This is what you deserve and more maybe on the way.

This is why the law will NEVER be trusted by people of color.  NEVER!!!


Race for Justice, Part 2

As the days go by, more names are added to the list of people being killed at the hands of “police officers”.  Now, maybe officers of the “law” will begin to somewhat understand the positions that black people have been dealing with for hundreds of years.  In particular, Dallas officers know what is feels like.  (NO – I do not condone killing/murder or anything similar.  I am a woman of God and that contradicts exactly what is written).  Now, they are being generalized and labeled as “trigger happy”, “racist”, “black people killers”, and etc. just like black people have been generalized to be “lazy”, “criminals”, “ignorant”, and etc.  The reason it is that way is because “YOU” are not being punished for YOUR actions as you want us to be.  Your life is in danger everyday because of YOUR choice to become a police officer.  That is the nature of the job.  You were sworn to take an OATH to serve and protect (which encompasses EVERYONE, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, LGBT, etc) and yet you find it extremely easy to take a life even in a moment when it is NOT necessary.  How do you think a black man feels just walking down the street?  How do you think those men like Alton Sterling and Philando Castile felt when they were confronted by cops?  Did you not think they felt in fear of their lives?  Evidently, they should have because look what happened and there is evidence of  the events of that day.

We all deal with perceptions.  Did you survey the area and see it was a hostile environment where you had to draw your gun?  The video on Alton Sterling showed the two officers on top of him and the one with his back to the camera felt it was OK to draw his gun from his holster EVEN THOUGH Sterling was lying on the ground with TWO people on him.  Lets think LONG and HARD here.  If someone reading this is not of color and does not fully understand the magnitude in which the outrage has gotten, then try this story.

A 19 year old teen (white) named Dylan Noble was shot and killed by cops the other week in Fresno, CA.  It was caught on camera that he was lying on the ground when he was shot 4 times.  Supposedly, the cops received a call from dispatch saying there was someone carrying a rifle.  He was driving his pick up truck when the officers decided to pull him over.  NOW… STOP!!!  Lets think this one through.  First, if dispatch said the person was carrying a rifle, why did you stop this kid that was DRIVING?  Did you mix carrying with driving around with the rifle pointing it out the window?  I’m confused.  Second, when you CHOSE this young boy here, did you search the vehicle for a rifle?  He couldn’t throw it in the back because it could be seen.  It was not hanging in this window like some hunters do.  Why was he lying on the ground with guns pointed at him?  If it was not in plain sight, where did he put it?  Did he throw it on the ground so a young child could get a hold of it?  THIS IS THE PROBLEM!!! This is EXACTLY what happens to thousands of black men every day across the country.  You pick and choose who YOU want to “harass” and ultimately you take their life.  Dylan was an ONLY child.  Do you get it now?  Does it sink in some now?  Families are broken because of the negligence.  The real person that had the rifle is STILL out there.  Did you get him?  Nooo.  You were too busy shooting an unarmed kid.

You start to have a distaste for the law because you see how crooked it is.  You get disgusted with law enforcement when you see killings upon unnecessary killings are vindicated because you LIED and said your life was in danger.  Excuse after excuse after excuse.  To be honest, you know why cops are lumped together with the notion that you are racist and want to kill black people… it is because you cover for each other in instances where you shouldn’t. Code of Silence…FOH!!!  Life is life.  Justice is actually injustice here in America.   You do what you do and wonder why people start to take matters into their own hands.  It is because the ones that we should be calling are the ones showing that they do not give a damn.  That is truly sad.  You want us to extend the olive branch but hell you not even extending your arm to take it.   I see the Dallas shooting of officers as a taste of what is to come.  I’m not a prophet, but if this continues there will be more bloodshed.  Another black man was killed by a cop and people are retaliating.  This is a wake.  It is time you wake up, acknowledge this problem, and get on your knees & pray.  If you are going out here and taking a life then going home to make a sandwich, you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight and the sun.  Everyone wants to go home every night.


Wake up people!  Lets live peacefully.



Race for Justice, Part 1

As a woman of color, it is always especially hurtful when one that “looks” like me dies at the hand of a person that is sworn to “serve & protect”.   It is already offensive enough when we do it to ourselves.  So many of “us” thought that “this” was over.  Others knew that “it” never left.  Racism is taught and nurtured.  It does not just happen overnight.  The seed was planted many years beforehand.  There are variations of racism and it is shown daily and all you have to do is “OPEN YOUR EYES and SEE”  When an African American man/woman walks into a clothing store, he/she is watched carefully to make sure they do not steal.  I have been treated this way so I know firsthand.  When an Anglo American man/woman walks into a clothing store, the demeanor of the store personnel is that of warmer reception than that of the African American.  No – this does NOT happen everywhere but it happens more than it should.  When an African American person works for a company for about 5 years and is passed over for a promotion even though the job he/she went for is currently what they help do in order to keep the “ship afloat”.  The person that gets the promotion is Anglo American that has barely been there 6 months with very little experience.  Now, that person is your boss whom you also helped train.

Have you ever noticed that sometimes black people do not get the change from the register directly in their hand?  It is either left on the counter OR they hold the change barely  in between their fingers to just quickly release it into your palm?  My skin does not rub off.  I may not want you touching me anyway because I do not know how hygienic you are anyway.  Many people do not wash their hands.  Of course, there could be a legit argument on this but why isn’t that same approach done to those that are not of color?  There is a difference.  It does not happen everywhere, but it happens more than it should.  If we are going to be honest about it…many people of fairer skin go tanning.  So, there is something in having darker skin.

What is it about “us” that you do not like?  I cannot say it is because our noses are too big because our noses comes in different shapes and sizes.  I cannot say it is because we have big butts because not all of us has a big rear-end.    I cannot say because we are too dark because we are in a wide range of shades.  What is it?  If all we want to be is left alone then where is the harm?  If “we” are minding our own business, why did you deem it necessary to go above and beyond and do the unthinkable?  If “we” are calling attention to ourselves with committing criminal acts, then throw the book at them (if it fits the crime – getting besides yourselves there too, that’s another topic).

Why is it every time an officer kills a black man it is in self defense?  You are the man with the gun and yet you felt your life was in danger?  There is video evidence of the act and yet nothing is ever done to punish those that commit murder.  If you are that nervous every day, then you need to rethink your career goals.  If a black man killed someone then they would be giving him 2000 years in prison with no possibility of parole.  Boom! Next case.  Plain and simple.

America wanted to separate Church and State when they should have made sure that they put GOD first.  That is where you start.  Your heathen ways have guided your path and now more lives are lost because you refuse to see what the Lord has designed. Thou Shall Not Commit Murder!  One of the TOP 10 Commandments caught on video and they’ll act like it was self-defense.  Being a police officer is NOT for everyone.  Being in the military is NOT for everyone.  When you take the humanistic nature out of a person they run wild like a beast in the wilderness.  Justice is not real justice until it is being handled fairly.   Those officers and others alike need to realize that even if you do not get handled in this life, you do need to realize that you will die one day.  You are the only one that can save your soul from damnation. When will this cycle end?

**My heart goes out to the families of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, and those killed in Dallas.  I cannot even begin to understand where you are coming from, BUT I hear your cries and I wish I could make them stop… *frown*


Dazed/Confused, Hurt/Sad – WindyCityChic(k)


Forgotten Four: The Integration of Pro Football

The Forgotten Four covers Kenny Washington, Woody Strode, Bill Willis, and Marion Motley, with a mention of Jackie Robinson.   These were extraordinary athletes in their day and never received their accolades.   For me, it wasn’t the forgotten but the never knew.  There is so much history.   We are always provided with that one person to follow leaving the ones that come before out of the equation.

During that time, violence was the law of the land.  It was an ongoing dilemma that plagued the African American (or Negro – term of that period) community.  At that time, sports was a fast growing passion that grew more into an obsession.  Before the stock market crash in 1929, black players were within the league.  There weren’t many, but there was a presence.  “Fritz” Pollard was the 1st black coach of the NFL.  He and Bobby Marshall were the very first black players in the 1920s along with Paul Robeson.  Once the crash took place, then the positions that were labeled for “Negro” workers was now for white workers.  This also included sports.  This was a form of “cleanse” (if you will).  The “progression” was rescinded and left the African American wondering what his next move was going to be.

During the 1930s (after the crash), athlete Ray Kemp was asked to come back to the NFL to play for the Steelers but declined the offer because he had an opportunity to be the head coach at this alma mater.  Another athlete by the name of Joe Lillard was playing before the crash but was never asked to come back even though he was ranked at top of his game beforehand.   Soon after, George Preston Marshall (owner of Washington Redskins) convinced the other owners of the league to keep the NFL as whites only.  This causes much strain for the Forgotten Four.

Kenny Washington and Woody Strode played together for UCLA along with Jackie Robinson.  Washington and Strode commanded the field but still faced racial challenges on the sidelines from many of their own teammates and off the field.   Even though Washington led UCLA to their undefeated season in his senior year, he was still seen as inferior and unworthy to join the NFL.  One scout wanted him to play with the Packers, but once it was introduced to George Marshall that request was soon dismissed.  No matter how hard Marshall tried, he could not keep the African American man out of the sport because in 1946 Washington signed his NFL contract to play with the LA RAMS (reintegrating the league).  Before he signed his “John Hancock” he requested Strode to be signed.  Strode ended up signing his contract with the RAMS that year as well.  Now, as an African American athlete (and the first) you carry the burdens of racism on your shoulders not only for yourself but for your community.

Bill Willis and Marion Motley played together on the Cleveland Browns coached by Paul Brown.  Paul Brown was the head coach of Ohio State where Willis played in college, so he knew what Willis could do.  Motley & Willis became fast friends and knew what they needed to do to continue to push forward. Their experience wasn’t the same as that of Washington and Strode though.  Within their program, if you were not within the philosophy of Paul Brown then do you not belong here.  There was still segregation but a little bit more comradery.  Paul Brown was coined an innovator because of his inception of the T-formation, usage of equipment, film, & even Friday Night Lights.  He was more known for reintroducing black athletes in football.  He knew that his future was contingent on winning so he had to find athletes that could help him with that.  Color could not play a factor.

Check it out.  It’s good to see history and know what happened before your time.  There is so much out here that never gets talked about.


   My aunt wanted to take my grandmother to see Selma because she had been talking about it for weeks.  This was a treat because she never wants to go to the movies. So, we decided to go which was good because this was an introduction to my nephew on racist acts. 
   I absolutely LOVED the movie.  Everyone chosen have some resemblance to the actual person they are portraying. I appreciated the depiction of King’s life as a man, a friend, & as a leader.  You saw his feeling of doubt, sorrow, laughter, fear, & strength.  You see the relationship he has with his wife, his friends, and surrounding followers.  I liked how he was portrayed as human and not so broadly like most movies.  It was about the people and not just about the purpose. 
     Within the first 10 minutes I screamed out before I knew it when it showed the bombing of the church killing the four little girls.  I was hooked from that moment.   I went through several emotions within those 2 hours.  I was happy, proud, angry, hurt, and disgusted.  It makes me think of what my grandparents went through, what my mom witnessed, & how we have progressed.  It makes me think of current actions with cops and how still need some work. 
   What it has created in me is a need to stay focused on progression, love, relationships, volunteering,  and other things that gears toward humanity.  Selma has broaden my eyes on the actual events dealing with voter’s rights, the hoops jumped through just to be heard, and the how overcoming fear can get you to a better place. 
   It is a definite Go-See.  It is not for kids of all ages but it is one that older kids need to see & understand what has occurred in history.   This is our history;  American history.  It is a story that needs to be combed through not raked over. 

Absolutely Awesome!!!