21 Day Challenge 

Hey guys!

For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been doing this challenge called, “Lose your gutt, keep that butt”.  This is the last week and I mean I’m pooped lol.  You hear Me? I feel the difference in my body though but I KNOW I need MORE than 21 days of working out. So far, its been good.  My thighs don’t rub as much.  My “back end” is more rounded.  My clothes are fitting better and I’m slightly a bit more flexible. I just waiting for my stomach to start performing its disappearing act. 

It’s a work in progress I know but I gotta be 2 piece ready before my birthday in August. 

Time for bed.


WindyCitychic(k) 💋


Here we go again, 6oz.

I weighed myself today as usual and low/behold, 6 oz. lost, again.  I love the numbers when they drop, but can I get 1 lb. instead of ounces?  How about pounds and ounces together? Ok – more physical activity it is.  I already watch what I eat & I’m not talking about looking at it go in my mouth – Ha.

I’m getting closer to my 1st weight loss target, but not close enough. 3 lbs. away & it seems like 30.  Anyone willing to help me shed some of my keg (lol) off my 6 pack?

It’s crunchtime! I’m losing my muffintop – Ha!