10 Fun Facts

Here are few fun facts about me that I want to share, so here we go (lol):

1.  I want to go zip lining in Brazil

2.  I did a sea-trek (walking under water) in Aruba

3.  I absolutely LOVE rollercoasters (me & Six Flags are like this *fingers crossed gesture*)

4.  I have approximately 10 celebrity crushes

5.  I met a handful of awesome celebrities (Jerry Rice, Danny Glover, Syleena Johnson to name a few)

6.  I HATE spiders.  (they creep me out so much that I’ve jumped in the backseat of a car to get away from it – lol)

7.  I did several fashion shows (as a model) in college

8.  I have had several art pieces displayed in exhibits in college

9.  Purple is my favorite color

10.  I love event planning (enjoy seeing the reactions on attendees when they get to the event).  Last year’s party was great.  No one was expecting all the lights that were displayed.  Each angle of the space evoked           a different feeling.  It was AWESOME!!!!



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