About Me

Hi Guys!

OK!  I’m coming in revamping EVERYTHING because it is a new day and a new year.  So, for the last year or so I have been trying to incorporate “art” into my life in almost every aspect.  In reality, there are all kinds of art forms around us.  It does not matter, if you do hair (stylist), cook (being a chef), draw/paint (artist), technological (innovator/creator), etc, you are artistic in your own rite and field.  For me, my heart flutters with being an artist and being around others alike.  When you are trying to think of concepts and get “artist block” (like writers block), you need people around you that understand what you are going through.  You brainstorm and finally break through that blockage.  You never understand the happiness an artist feels when they get that “light bulb” after being in the dark for so long.  You give off that sigh of relief and then you are able to move forward.

My life is always in constant metamorphosis.  The one thing that has NOT changed is my love of art. No matter what professional decisions I make I need to have “art” as a beneficial aspect..  Art is my place of zen.  It is the place I go to deal with life’s curve-balls.  Right now, I am trying to learn the art of juggling many hats in order to achieve my ultimate goal…being an Art Director.   I am starting a new job on Monday as a Merchandising Analyst and hopefully REAL soon (within the next few months) I will be taking on some duties from a soon-to-be male BFF *ALL SMILES* dealing with Marketing (commercials, artwork, strategy, print, budgets, etc).  PRAY for me! This will be in conjunction with getting my MBA specializing in Marketing.  I just have to apply to a school and I am down to 2 choices.  I am going to be a busy and tired woman, but it will be all worth it in the end.

This is a journey and the only way now is UP!

HAPPY 2016 Guys and don’t forget to FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS!!


See Ya!



2 thoughts on “About Me

    • Well, how nice of you to say. 🙂 I try to keep it upbeat and positive. There are so many unsavory encounters that we need moments of pleasure. From your comment, I see you fall along the lines of pleasantries.


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