Marielle Franco, Radical Black Female Politician, Executed In Brazil – News One

The things people do to reject change.  What could she have done, said, exposed, or found out that could have caused her to be executed?  What are you afraid of people knowing? Is she interferring in whatever scheme you have been used to operating for decades? This is another story that shows that America is NOT the only country to showcase ignorant, bigotry, murder, and blatant disrespect.  To add an additional gut punch to the forehead…she was a POLITICIAN. I am in awe.

My prayers go out the Brazilian community that was in support of efforts to bring about change and eliminate sexual abuse.  My prayers go to her family and friends as they mourn the loss of a loved one.

Our inability to view life as valuable has reached an all time low and it continues to lower as the days go by.  I’m saddened by this news and other news alike.  We need to do better.

Ttyl! Bye! 💋


Stephen Hawking rip

“We are all connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain”.  There were some things that I didn’t agree with him on, like being an Atheist, but he had many things that I did agree with. 

The theoretical Physicist,  Stephen Hawking has passed away at the age of 76.  RIP!!!

Flava in ya Ear

The 90s hit song Flava in ya Ear rapper Craig Mack died last night at the age of 46.  The news doesn’t indicate how he died, but he is (was) too young.  

He rapped along side “Big” (Notorious), Busta (Rhymes), & LL Cool J while signed to the Bad boy record label.  He was a rapper that didn’t get enough notoriety and respect for his talents.  RIP Mack! 🤗

New Team Member

Hey guys,

Over the weekend, we (Honor Society) had 1 of the 3 of our society orientations.  I was informed that someone from that orientation wants to join the Publicity team.  I was so excited when I received that email from the Asst. National Dean letting me know of that member’s interest.  One of the roles of being the Chapter Publicity Chair is leading a team of society members on the Publicity team.  So, this person will be my first member and I cannot wait.  I know it may seem like “yeah OK”, but it really gives me a chance to showcase how I would be as a leader.  This is something that I need to not only prove to prospective employers, but to myself as well.

Now, I can brainstorm with my new team member on the best ways to get more students involved in the society and how we can visually document that in social media.  When you are working this out on your own, you think more tunnel vision as opposed to broad.  This way, we can build each other up as we continue to build the society and the member experience.  I cannot wait until tomorrow, so I can contact this soon-to-be inducted member so I can appoint her a Publicity team member.   We are going to start moving mountains.

I’ll to post more often than I have been, but working 2 jobs practically and going to school has left me more than a little drained.  *hugs&kisses*

TTYL!! Bye!

Almost 2lbs. down

Yup! Almost 2!  Yay!

Now, I’m back to under 200lbs.  20 pounds to go.

After amping up my veggie and fruit intake, and consuming an average of 48+ oz of water a day, my ounces have been coming off faster. (Yeah exercising would help get more off but…) Of course my trips to the ER caused this altering, but it was worth it.  If I keep working on myself then only good things can come afterwards.