I saw Marshall this weekend and I absolutely LOVED it.  Chadwick Bozeman and Josh Had were great!!! If you haven’t seen the movie, go check it out. Link to one of the trailers is above.

Quick note (in case you need it):

It is about the 1st African American Supreme Court justice,  Thurgood Marshall (played by Boseman) when he was a lawyer for the NAACP.  The movie covers the case of a black chaueffer (played Sterling K. Brown) being accused of rape and attempted murder of a white socialite (Kate Hudson) whom he worked for.


Wedding Preparation

Hey guys,

The title might be a touch misleading, but…

It is NOT my wedding.  If it was, I would be screaming it from the rooftops, you hear me? LOL.  My co-worker is getting married this coming Friday and I must say, FIRST – I was quite surprised that I got an invite.  SECOND – I have never bought so many dresses in my life.  I am trying to put my best foot forward so I can look more than presentable.  I have bought 7 dresses (all online) and almost all of them do not look right or do not fit.  For women, the wrong time to try on clothes is during that dreadful “time of the month”.  Of course, it is that time for me.  SUCKS!  T.M.I. I know, but whatever.  It’s life.  Deal! (he he he).

So, I have one more dress coming.  I am hoping that this is the dress.  Yes – I have a spanx, but all it does is round me out not suck me in (hahahaha).  It is like I don’t have one on.  I look better in the dress without the spanx.  Ain’t that weird?  Wow!

OK – I am not quite doing all of this because I want to look presentable.  I am kinda doing this because of the “date” that I am bringing along.  I was definitely surprised when he said (and I quote), “I would be happy to”.  So, I have to put my very best foot (and body) forward so he will always remember this night.  I need this to burn deep into his memory that no matter where he goes he can still see me in that dress.  He likes to play a tough cookie, so I gotta get him to crumble.

Keep you guys posted!

TTYL! Bye!


IRS Scam

Hey guys,

Scam artists are trying to get me.  Do not fall for the banana in a tailpipe.  Every time they call it is from (202) 239 2278 or (202) 241 0209.  Each time it’s an automated system stating that a warrant has been placed in your name and BEFORE they issue it they want you to call the (202) 239 2278 number.  I called it to see what I would get and it is an answering machine.  No one answers the phone.  Report this number so they can be traced if possible.  

I checked the website and majority of their correspondence is through USPS.  There are special circumstances in which they will appear at your home or business or even call.  

So, if you get the call, report it and don’t sweat it.  It’s a scam! Be aware guys and keep your blood pressure down! 😊
Ttyl! 💋


What are you going to do?

I cannot being to understand the plight of those that have to deal with the possibility of deportation. It is no longer acceptable to sit idlly by expecting this administration to continue with what once was. They have already shown that what is right is not an option. What are you going to do? Is citizenship possible? Living in how you have become accustomed is no longer viable.   What are you going to do? Picketing isn’t working.  Tweets aren’t working.  Boycotts aren’t working. What are you going to do? What are your next steps?   

WindyCityChic(k) 💋

Solar Eclipse 2017

Hey guys,

It’s been such a long time since I’ve last posted. Life! 😄

Did you see the solar eclipse today? I Did! It was pretty cool.  I just wish it has gotten pitch black like they said it would for the full effect.  Either way, it was definitely an experience.  Here is a pic below… I was so busy looking at it that my co-worker took this lol.

Talk soon guys! 💋